Why Your Values matter to your Fitness Motivation?

Why is it that some people manage to stay so motivated to reach their fitness goals while others don’t? Do they really have more self control and drive to succeed and why does it seem so easy for them?

Fitness Motivation Today Values

Do you ever wish that you had the passion for fitness that these successful people seem to have? Do you try to feel excited about your goals but you just can’t quite get as excited as you need to be? Do you really know what it is that you want? Why am I asking all these questions?

Well the answer is because if you are having trouble with your motivation, maybe you have totally lost that motivation to lose weight, well then maybe answering these questions can help.

Why DO some people have such great motivation? I believe it is because they have a passion for what they are doing because they know what they want from their fitness and they know that what they are doing is the right thing.

Without knowing what you really want from your fitness, why you want it and why it makes you excited, then you won’t be able to push yourself as much as you need to and it will always feel like a struggle.

I have written before about the need to choose activities which interest you, highlighting that you will not want to do something that doesn’t appeal to you. This is just the tip of it really – it goes much deeper than this, you have to choose activities that really resonate with you, that align with your own values in life and which will take you towards your own personal desired outcome and which you will actually enjoy doing.

There comes a time when you have to really believe in what you are doing to take it to the next level. After a while you need more than just the regular exercise and the initial feeling of enjoying being healthy. This is what keeps up the motivation after the honeymoon period.

If you are finding that others are passing you while you fail to improve anymore and cannot find the motivation to step up your game in your chosen fitness activity, then it may be that you simply chose the wrong fitness activity.

Fitness Motivation Today Values

Don’t put down yourself about “not being able to stick to things” or “not being able to push myself” It could be that you are just not able to push yourself to do what does not really appeal to you or what does not align with your personal values.

You need to know what you consider to be your best version of you. It is only when you really know what this is that you can tailor a fitness program that will help you get there and then stay there.

If you really want to be strong, fast and tough then following a fitness programs based upon bodybuilding principles, focusing on how you look and how you eat, is not going to make you happy and therefore won’t lead to that drive and passion needed for success. In other words it does not align with your own personal values.

On the other hand if you really want to look a certain way and you would love to have the muscle symmetry and definition of a figure competitor then following a fitness plan based upon running using speed and distance as your goals, is not going to keep you excited. Its not in line with your best version of you – it does not align with your own personal values.

You can never keep up interest in something if its not right for you. It doesn’t matter how much you try because that will only make it worse. Forcing yourself to achieve goals that you don’t really feel excited about will only result in misery and a loss of motivation. It will also mean that you can’t enjoy the journey. And in that case what is the point?

How can you possibly have fitness motivation when you don’t really want what you are aiming for and you don’t really enjoy what you are doing to get there?

If you have been finding it really hard to get motivation for fitness and exercise then now could be the time to take a good look at what you really want and what really excites and interests you. Have a think about what you would be like if you could be anything you want to be.

Motivation comes from within so make sure you are giving yourself enough reasons to be motivated!


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