Why its sometimes GOOD to be UNHAPPY

Now I know that it may sound a little strange to say this but I have found in my experience that sometimes it is good to be unhappy with parts of your life.

I am not saying that it is good to be miserable – not at all! I am not saying thats its good to moan either. Being unhappy is not what we should be striving for in any way but it is possible to use unhappiness to get what you want from life.

Fitness Motivation Today Why its sometimes good to be unhappy

So what do I mean?

Well if there are times when you are unhappy or not really content with your life then it would be wise to take a good look at why this might be. Once you are able to identify the cause of how you are feeling then you are able to decide on ways to remedy the situation.

For example it is often when someone gets really down about their weight, and it starts to affect the way that they feel, that they feel compelled to do something about it. So in this case you could say that it was a bit of a blessing in disguise that they got miserable over it as this was what gave them the fitness motivation to do what they needed to become healthy.

Similarly feeling unhappy about how life seems to be getting out of control can be a great motivator to organize things. Sometimes you just can’t see the necessity for planning and routine until life gets away from you and things start to feel bad.
Fitness Motivation Today Why its sometimes good to be unhappyBut you don’t have to feel unhappy to use this form of motivation to lose weight. Any kind of slightly negative feelings can be used to give you the inspiration to take steps to improve your life. An example would be someone who gets tired and grumpy in the afternoon. Now instead of using caffeine and sugar to get over this problem it would be much more beneficial to ask ‘why am I feeling low in the afternoon?’ and then to take steps to fix this problem.

One way to get more energy would be to take a walk at lunch or to fit in a yoga class. It might also be beneficial to take a walk outside at the most tired point in the afternoon as sunlight is great for giving your body energy. An apple in the afternoon is great to wake you up and of course regular exercise will give you loads more energy all day, every day!

So instead of moaning, what could you do to improve your life this week? When do you feel down and what can be done about it? Why not share your thoughts in the comments to help others who may be feeling the same :-)

I would like to leave you with a message that I find really inspiring – If you do nothing different then you can expect nothing in your life to be different. In other words, do not expect change if you are not prepared to initiate it yourself.


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