Why is it important to FOCUS?

Now this subject is something that is very close to my heart. In fact it is something that I have struggled with badly in the past and still do to this day.

Fitness Motivation Today Why it is important to FOCUS I find it very difficult to focus. But I didn’t realise what that means until very recently and therefore I wasn’t able to see what I was doing and to take steps to stop it. I just wasn’t clear on what the word focus really means and I was not aware that I had a complete lack of focus and how this was damaging my journey to achieve fitness goals.

Focus is actually an acronym, oh yes – its more than just a word! I learned this from Donald Trump and its now one of my favourites.

F – Follow

O – one

C – course

U – until

S – successful

See how simple it is now. FOCUS is now a very powerful word. It tells you exactly what you need to do for success. And it is so versatile it can be used for anything.

You can FOCUS on your fitness goals, weight loss goals or with work and other projects. All you have to do is concentrate on one way of getting to where you want to be and then follow that course until you are successful.

It’s that simple.

Fitness Motivation Today Why it is important to FOCUSDon’t waste time starting all the new fitness crazes to see if this one will be the one that you can stick to, that is a sure way to spell disaster. With all that change you are never going to stick to anything. When you FOCUS, you stick with something long enough so that you see results from it. That way you are much more likely to stay with it for even longer and start to see really great results.

If you are having trouble with your motivation to lose weight and seem to have tried all the different options available – diets, exercises, weight loss pills… Why not try the other option which is to focus on one simple thing, like 30 minutes of exercise to get you out of breath on 5 days a week, and FOCUS on this until you begin to benefit from it.

If you follow one course until successful then you don’t fall into the trap of trying everything but getting nowhere.

Fitness programs are great and some can be really fun and really effective but if you never stay with one long enough to see results from it then you could start to think that fitness isn’t for you.

Of course it is very important that you initially choose your fitness program carefully in relation to your own personal fitness goals and your own preferences.

When you know your goals and choose a way to get there that suits you, your time restraints and your lifestyle and then you FOCUS, you will be unstoppable!

This is the formula I now use for everything I do – careful planning at the outset and then I just keep going down one path until I see results. I find I get more done with better results and I don’t have to keep looking for the answer because I know the answer is right here inside me.

I just need to FOCUS.

If you haven’t yet chosen your course to achieve your fitness or weight loss goals, you could take a look here for my favourite fitness programs, or if you feel like you would like to discuss your goals with a personal trainer who can then design an exercise and nutrition program especially for you, why not take a look at my friend Jason’s website.


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  1. Thanks so much for the positive comment – this is what makes me want to carry on sharing the motivation!

    I am so happy for you that you have taken the time to really think and focus and I wish you all the best for your future successes!

    Bridget x

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