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I am so excited to be able to write this post from a place of knowledge and experience – as a bikini competitor! And one who placed 5th in my very first competition :-)

I have always looked up to bikini girls like Amanda Latona, Ingrid Romero and Jennifer Andrews. To me they represent the ideal female form, the epitomy of class and beauty. For me, this has been my fitness motivation since January – I would LOVE to look as good as they do!

Its been an amazing journey, which I documented at the 6 week stage (how 6 weeks of contest prep have changed me) and just before the show (79 day body transformation awesomeness!) and one which has made me incredibly proud of myself and given me an amazing sense of what is possible with dedication and action.

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Today I would like to share with you the most important lessons I learnt along the way about what NOT to do. Some picked up from my coach Olesya Novik, some from my intensive research (hours of reading, listening and watching….) and some from my own experience. I hope that this will help anyone who is planning their own body transformation, or even preparing for a bikini contest!

So here we go….

Bikini Models NEVER do these 7 things…

  1. Focus on calories

    You are never going to have the energy to create the beautiful body that you need to compete in bikini if you are not fueling your body with enough calories, on top of that bikini girls need muscle and that is not going to grow if your body is starved of food. Not eating enough calories is an error that many people, dieters as well as competitors, make. But its not the right way to get lean.

    I know that it may go against conventional wisdom but one of the best ways to boost your metabolism and burn fat is to eat more! Obviously you can’t just eat whatever you like, thats not cool. But you do need to eat more lean protein, good fats and clean carbs.

  2. Endless fasted steady state cardio

    Yes it is true that steady state fasted cardio is great for fat loss, without eating away at all that curvy muscle, but… it will also lose its effectiveness if you do it too often over a long period of time. Too much of it and you will fi

    nd that your body will come to expect it and it will not work to strip away any more fat.

    Save your early morning power walk before breakfast to the last month of your transformation. That way it will really work well to burn off the last fat and get you really ripped and lean :-)

  3. Lift weights that aren’t heavy enough

    These legs didn't come easy - those lunges were heavy!

    I have included this one because this is the mistake that I made at first. In fact I was making this mistake for years! I am not sure why I thought I knew better than the experts, but I did. I thought I could create the beautiful feminine and curvy physique that I needed without heavy squats that make my legs ache afterwards. I thought that the advice was not for me and that I could look full and bootylicious doing circuits and intensive interval training.

    Of course I was wrong! And as soon I started to lift the “heavy ass weights” as Ronnie Coleman calls them! I found my body shape changing – for the better. I immediately started to get rounder glutes and better legs and the fat was much easier to lose. Combining heavy weight training (I was lifting till I could do no more reps at that weight and then increasing it the next week) with changing my diet to be based on protein and fat rather than carbs was what changed my body shape from average to bikini model.

  4. Follow varied advice from different sources

    Now this is a big one so please take note – so so many people fall prey to this trap and there is no need.

    “There is more than one way to climb a mountain, but the view from the top is the same”

    There are so many conflicting ideas about how best to prepare for a show, each competitor will be slightly different in the details of their diet, training and supplementation. Partly this is because everyone is different and it is true that when you do more and more shows you will become more familiar with what works better for your body. But at the start, it is best to find one coach who who like and trust and to stick with what they suggest. That way you have done a full contest preparation and watched what happened with your body and then after that you can make changes next time.

    Every one of the girls in my class would have trained slightly differently and followed slightly different diets and yet each looks amazing with great shape and definition.

    When you start down the route of taking too much advice you could find yourself using two techniques at once and leave yourself open to exhaustion or just not being in your best shape.

  5. Skimp on protein or fats

    OMG – this one is soooooo important! I really love JNL and especially her fitness model body programme. She tells it like it is, the whole truth – lifting heavy, saying no to bad foods, putting yourself first and very importantly she says “Eat as much protein as you can, and then eat more and you probably still won’t be eating enough!” I remember hearing this before I started on my bikini journey and I didn’t fully understand it. I now do.

    I felt sick in the first couple of weeks. I thought I just could not eat any more meat! I was literally forcing myself to eat steak at 4pm when I really did not want to. It was quite unpleasant!

    But I trusted my coach and I followed her nutrition plan to the letter and that meant eating what I thought was too much meat.

    After a couple of weeks I started to get used to it and found myself enjoying it a lot more, especially when the fat started to drop away and my body shaped started to change! Ooooh thats such a great feeling! Hard firm muscles in the place of soft nothingness.

    Strong is the new skinny!

  6. Lose focus and let life take over

    Ok, so you are a determined person and you most probably won’t be affected by this one. Lets face it – competing appeals to driven personalities and you aren’t the type of person to give in easily or conveniently forget about your goals. However, as the time passes by and you get deeper into your contest preparation you may find that it gets harder to stay on track. I know I did!

    I just got more tired and I kinda missed what I saw as my ‘old life’ sometimes. I sometimes had to just gently remind myself that there is a time limit to this – I have a certain number of weeks to get my body to look as good as possible and then I am going to get on a stage and be judged. Now is not the time to relax, now is not the time to say “I didn’t have time to workout, I was busy in the office, I had to meet someone, I had other commitments…”

    When you are preparing for that competition you have to understand that you are always preparing – everything that you do or don’t do over that time will either take you closer to the success you are after or further away. There is no happy medium.

    Its like – do you want this or don’t you because if you do then there is really no point in doing it half-heartedly, you have to give it all you have got and don’t be afraid of failure.

    Which brings me seamlessly on to my final point, which is…

  7. Forget the real goal – to make yourself proud by being the very best version of you!

    This is the most important thing of all and you must never forget this. You are the star of the show and the show is your life. It is your job to live your life in the best way that you can, living by your own values and doing what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

    The most important thing is to enjoy your new body, and if you have a show coming up - HAVE FUN!

    You are doing this transformation or competition preparation for you – no one else. You are getting this body for you and you are growing stronger, more capable, happier and sexier for you. Of course this benefits everyone around you and in the end you could end up with a medal or a trophy but the truth is that that isn’t what is important.

    There are two things that are important and two things only. It isn’t winning and it isn’t looking better than other girls. Its about you and its about having fun and if you can get those two things right then nothing else matters at all.

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If you have any questions regarding training, diet or contest prep be sure to ask, either in the comments below, on the facebook page or even by email at the contact page. I am more than happy to help, and if I don’t know the answer I will find out for you  :-)




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