Want Big Results? Its Time to Make Big Changes!

Sometimes you can feel like you are working hard on your fitness, eating well and doing everything right but you still don’t see the results that you desire. When you work hard it can be really demoralising not to get results that reflect the effort being put in. This could even lead to giving up on your goals or just drifting away from them as you lose interest.

What a waste, what a shame.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you are truly serious about achieving your fitness goals, there are 3 crucial questions you really need to ask yourself.

1. What do you want to achieve?

Like what do you actually, really truthfully want to achieve?

You really must set yourself a clear goal, or goals, and write that down IN DETAIL. The more detail the better, you need to have a complete understanding of where you are going otherwise you just won’t get there!  In the free e-book Motivating Your Fitness I share detailed information on the very best way to create the most effective fitness goals. I highly recommend taking a look if you guidance with your goal setting as setting the right goals is very important.

2. When do you want it?

Set yourself a deadline. Without a deadline its just so easy to let things slide or not to pick up on signs that your routine needs a shake up or that your nutrition might not be up to scratch.

So ask yourself seriously – when do you really want to achieve your goal? Its not a dream, its a goal. That means that you WILL get there, so you might as well set a date and then you have something concrete to aim for.

3. If you keep doing what you are doing now, will you achieve it?

And this is the really powerful question because its when you ask this question that you see the truth.

If you carry on as you are, without making any big changes, are you going to get to where you want to be by your deadline? (and no this is not your time to move the deadline, what good would that do anyway?)

If you are slogging away without getting results then the answer to this question is NO. If you carry on doing what you are doing now then you will just get more and more depressed, frustrated or annoyed that you just can’t get the results that you should be getting.

And that means that you are doing something wrong, or to put it another way – that means that you have an opportunity to take a good look at your fitness, lifestyle and food choices and make positive changes. And when you do make these changes bear in mind that some of them are going to be really BIG changes.

Some of them are really going to take you out of your comfort zone, some might mean you have to completely change some aspects of your life and some might alter the way you interact with your family and friends.

Big changes are not easy to implement, they can take a great deal of planning, or assistance from others but if you want to achieve your fitness goals then they will be worth it. They will be worth it for the outcome of the actual change but they will also be worth it for the way that they make you feel.

There is nothing quite as powerful as knowing that you are able to do anything to get what you want, that no problem is too great for you and that you will always be in control of how you live your life.

And the most powerful thing about it is that then you will find that this compounds as you go on to achieve greater things, realising that all sorts of things that were once dreams, are in fact goals that you are working towards. You will be almost unstoppable!

So if you have found yourself struggling with progress then maybe its time to consider how much you want that goal then take a good look at your life and see if its time to make a big change.


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