Use a Training ‘Split’ to Increase Motivation


Why do so many of the great fitness models and bodybuilders train their muscle groups split accross the week on different days? Is it all for physical benefits or could it be more motivational? Read on to find out why training with a split is a fantastic technique for you to increase your exercise motivation and get better results more easily – including one reason which may not appeal to everyone…


A ‘split’ in weight training simply means training different body parts on different days of the week. A good example of this might be

Monday – Legs

Tuesday – Chest and Shoulders

Wednesday – Rest/Cardio

Thursday – Back

Friday – Bicep and Tricep

Saturday  Rest/Cardio

Sunday – Rest


The most obvious reason for splitting up the body parts in this way is to allow adequate rest between sessions.

It is important that your body gets enough time to recover and grow stronger.

With a full week off for each muscle group you avoid fatigue and overtraining, which can occur if performing full-body weight training sessions more than once a week, especially if you give it everything you’ve got! Proper rest is just as important as a great workout.

The other great thing about training with a split like this is the added and continued motivation that you get, day by day and week by week, as you progress through your program to your fitness goals.

When it comes to training with weights, whether for strength or size, it is the mind which really controls the effectiveness of the workout. If your brain is fully engaged in what you are doing and you feel strong and positive then you will have a great session. If, on the other hand, you feel down or disconnected, perhaps thinking about something else that is troubling you or you are just bored with what you are doing in the gym, then you will find that you won’t perform at your best.

With the muscle groups split up into individual sessions over the week, not only are you less likely to get bored, you are also able to really give full and maximum focus to the body part in question on that particular day.

 Put Your Mind into it!

With this focus you will find that you can really put your mind into what you are doing, really feel the muscle as it is being worked and concentrate your efforts on what you are doing. With this intensity you will boost the power of your workout and maximise its effectiveness.

This is going to bring with it bigger gains and a faster progression towards those fitness goals, whether that be building strength or size, or improving performance.

Also a split is often associated with intermediate and advanced training because of the intensity given to each muscle group during the training session. This is another reason why its a fantastic way to boost motivation – who wouldn’t want to know that they had progressed beyond ‘beginner’ status!

So far we know that you have the added motivation from the increased gains, as a result of intense and focused training, and added to that the boost of confidence just knowing that you are now one of the top people in your gym. But there is another motivation benefit (although it definitely wouldn’t appeal to everyone!)

More time to do what you love!

For people who love to workout and who enjoy their time at the gym, splitting up muscle groups in this way allows then to spend more time at the gym.

For those people who do actually love training this is a real benefit. If you are someone who enjoys your sessions, who looks forward to that time alone in the gym or training with a buddy, then splitting up the workouts gives you more of what you want. More time to lift heavy, to push yourself to the limits and to work towards your goals.


So if you love to workout with weights and you are looking for greater results, or you have reached a plataeu with your training and are seeking new motivation then using the ‘split’ training technique could be just what you are looking for to boost your motivation and take your training to new heights.


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