Tosca Reno Case Study

Here Tosca shares some advice for weight loss motivation. I find it so encouraging that she really does know how it feels to be in the situation of being overweight and now she nows just how great it feels to be fit and healthy. What an inspiration!

Tosca Reno has become one of the most inspiring women in fitness, not just because of what she has personally achieved but also because she is so friendly and likeable.  Women from all backgrounds can relate to her in some way and draw their own fitness motivation from her story and from the way she now lives her life.

Fitness Motivation Today: Tosca Reno

Tosca was overweight, unhappy and totally unfit when she first stepped into a gym at age 40!! Encouraged by her initial success in taking control of her life, she went on to compete in bodybuilding and bikini contests – something most women coming up to 50 would never dream of!

When she first had the idea of change it was fueled by her unhappiness in her marriage as well as her career and life in general. She knew that she had to make changes and her motivation to lose weight and regain her life was what encouraged her to start a fitness program.

She tried weight training and totally fell in love with it – both with the process of getting stronger and feeling good about herself and also, in the visual results that she was seeing. She was encouraged to enter a body building contest and has never looked back. Her muscular curves are now coveted by women the world over, some only half her age!

Now a successful spokesperson, model and author of over 10 diet books, as well as several magazine articles, Tosca is for many, the face of Clean Eating. The ‘Eat Clean Diet’ has been a tremendously successful program which follows the principles of eating good whole food without preservatives, cutting out refined carbs and sugar and properly nourishing the body. Through this lifestyle, she inspired many women and men, of all ages, into lifetime fitness.

Tosca Reno

Tosca Reno is now married to the publisher of the “Eat Clean Diet” as well as a few fitness and bodybuilding magazines worldwide, Robert Kennedy. They make a very inspiring couple and I think that we are all richer in knowledge from their coming together. Certainly there are thousands of followers of the ‘Eat Clean Diet’ and many lives have been changed for the better.

Although clean eating is at the centre of Tosca’s lifestyle and to her rise to fame as a health spokesperson, she is also dedicated about the benefits of fitness. Especially weight training for women and especially for women over the age of 40. She is very plain in passing on the knowledge that this type of training will keep you looking and feeling younger than your years and she is an amazing example of this in action!

I first discovered Tosca in oxygen magazine and was immediately inspired by her story. I see in her hope for the future, for myself and for others too. She is a proof that it is never too late to decide to change and that a total body makeover is totally possible. With enthusiasm and action everyone has the ability to not only feel great but to look great too!


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