The Daily Mission – the ONE Key to Success

If you only make one change in your habits and behaviour you can change everything.


Thats all it takes – the commitment to make ONE change in your life. Sure that one change is going to put a lot of other things into motion, and eventully your whole life will change. You will experience amazing success and you will achieve and all the great things you dream of. But to start with all you have to do is ONE thing.

First of all – before I go into any more detail – I want you to know that you really do have to do this daily, consistently and without fail until you start to see results and then beyond. There is no point in half-hearted attempts – that will do you no good at all. You have to be in it to win it. You have to try to see results.

If you are not happy with how your life is now then you have to be prepared to make changes, not big ones – just REAL ones. In fact just ONE REAL ONE. And this one change is the change that I made, which allowed me to lose my last stubborn body fat, gain enough strength to do numerous unassisted pull-ups and get on a stage for my first bikini competition. I know you might be thinking that I can’t put that all down to one thing when clearly I changed my diet AND my training, and I guess you are right but I could not have had the strength to go through all those changes without my ONE BIG REAL CHANGE.

And all it was……..

…..Please Wait……

…….was that I bought a notebook and EVERY MORNING I wrote in that book my one major goal in my life and my DAILY MISSION. And that daily mission is simply – what one thing can I do today to get me closer to my one major goal?

Thats all. Well apart from obviously making sure that the mission got completed!!

But thats why I call it a mission, it gives it a sense of urgency and necessity for me :-) An essential mission, something that must be completed before the day is over. No matter what it takes. My missions have ranged from, not eating any sugar (a popular one) to getting up to do fasted cardio, order my bikini, book my tanning appointment, cook a healthy protein-rich meal, spend quality time with my parents, learn how to use the new oven or google barefoot running shoes. Just something that will take me closer in some small way. Some smaller than others but always something.

Nothing special – but I did do it EVERY DAY.

Absolutely no failures. Even when I forgot to write my goal and mission first thing I still did it. Even when it meant getting out of bed when I was falling asleep and writing in the book – I still did it daily.

It is the singular most powerful thing I have ever started and I like to think that I will always do it because I really can see no reason to stop. Why would I stop doing something that helps me to do things I want to do, that pushes me to become a better person and do fun exciting things with my life? Well, I wouldn’t! So that is what I am recommending to you today.

Just get a notebook, or your smartphone of course!! And write down your major goal for your life and what you will do to achieve that. Better still you cold take it to the next level and write down your top 3 or 4 goals and what you will do to get closer to all of them! This is what I have started to do now and its EVEN MORE POWERFUL! (word of warning tho – don’t start with too much or you might not feel like you are able to do everything and then you put yourself at risk of giving up NOT GOOD)

Consisitency in action is the key to all success, whether that be fitness or weight loss, career or relationships or anything at all really. If you are able to consistently do one thing each day to get you closer to what you want then you WILL get there. And if you are able to keep your goal in the front of your mind every single day then you will find that you are, subconciously and without effort, just doing things that will take you to your goals anyway. So the effects are two-fold. You get the deliberate action of that one daily mission and then you get the subconcious and additional actions that you keep doing because your goal is always with you. Start doing this today, or tomorrow at the latest, and see how things will change.

Honestly – I know that so many people will say this to you but it works! It truly works. And if you are really looking for change or success then you really should try it – you deserve that success, you work hard and you really deserve to get what you want from life. This one small change could be the key that unlocks your true potential. This could be that one thing that gives you the edge and changes everything. Its just one change and it takes only about 2 minutes to write your goal and mission, but its life changing.

I hope that you try it. I will be posting my daily missions on the facebook page. I often try new healthy foods or great workouts as my missions and I would love to share these with you. So look out for loads more content and fitness lifestyle and motivational tips :-)

See you on facebook :-)


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