Take the “work” out of your Workout.


A Guest post by Lana Nicole House



In a world where time and stress are a big factor in our days, it is no wonder we have a difficult time being motivated to stay fit. It takes work after all, and with everything going on in our busy lives, who wants to do more work?

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Seeing a workout as “work” is one of the problems. Fitness should be something enjoyable that you look forward to doing. It shouldn’t have to feel like something we must do, every day, and a very specific way. Life is filled with too much work and stress so we must find a way to get a break from all of that work, and have some fun!

These days there are so many fitness fads to choose from and you just have to ask yourself what sounds fun to you: Hot yoga, cold yoga, or hip hop yoga?  Is it rowing, boot camp or buff ballet bar, running or rollerblading? Gyrating or Gyrotonics? Pilates or Ply metrics? Is it swimming or Stair climbing? There are so many choices! And how lucky are we that fitness has grown to such an amazing assortment that there is just about anything for anybody – and that’s the best part!

So, start by doing a little homework on finding something that in the very least peaks your curiosity. See if you can find that class locally and at a time that fits nicely into your schedule-hopefully there is a time where you know you would enjoy the class. If you hate working out 5:30 in the morning before heading to work, that class may not be the right one for you!

Again, you want it to be an experience you look forward to. Perhaps there is another one that evening? And there are many people that don’t feel comfortable in a group setting, which is completely understandable.

Fitness Motivation Today Lana Nicole House Pilates

How about ordering some fitness DVD’s to do at home at a time that works for you? If you know that you are someone that won’t use the DVD after ordering it, perhaps you should continue looking for a class. Or why not just do something active with a friend?

Getting a workout can simply mean taking a long walk at a brisk pace with a friend, which is great for both your body and your happiness. Hiking on a beautiful day can be quite a peaceful way to give your body some body fitness.

Whether you have tons of money or no money, very little time or lots of time, you have options these days no matter your budget and schedule. Get more creative with where you find your workouts.

There are all sorts of online videos these days, many of which are free! Check them out on Youtube or Exercise TV and search around for trainers and workouts that appeal to you. I love Tracy Anderson’s five minute workout video for killer arms and the best part is, it’s a great way to add just even five minutes of fitness into your day!

So for many of us, the tricky part is sticking with exercising on a consistent basis.

Again, keeping it fun will really help. Why not try and do three different workouts a week? For example, perhaps you try a Pilates class one day, you go on a jog in your neighborhood for 30-60 minutes the second day (with a friend even if that will make it more enjoyable!) and use your favorite fitness DVD for your third workout!

Fitness Motivation Today Lana Nicole House Pilates

Or, if you are someone like me, where time can become an issue and you just don’t have 60 minutes to work out 3 times a week, how about doing more like 20-30 minutes of something five days a week?

“A little and Often” can be an excellent motto for your workouts. If you push yourself too hard in your workouts, it will become an un-enjoyable activity, turning it into “work” once again, leaving your dreading and eventually skipping the next workout.

The goal is not to become the next Olympian athlete. The goal is not to do all or nothing. The goal is simply to work in some regular, enjoyable activities into your weekly routine so that you stick with them for years to come. The minute it starts turning into an unpleasant experience, it is time to change it up. Call a friend for a walk, check out a new gym class or maybe even a whole new gym. Have some fun exploring what fitness works for you and take the “work” out of your workout.

This guest post by Lana Nicole House
Certified Pilates Instructor

Photos by: Larissa Underwood


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