Stress-Relief Motivation

Stress is something that seems to be everywhere right now. There are so many stressors around us and so many people stressed out of their minds! Stress is something that we each feel differently and which is based upon how each of us reacts to different situations. Being fit is not going to get rid of the situations but what it can do is to make us stronger and better able to deal with them.

Here are some examples how –

  • After a difficult day at the office the best way to get rid of all thoughts of work is to exercise. Exercise can be like meditating, really letting you live in the now and connect with your mind and body.
  • Self control and discipline are central to keeping life under control and if you exercise regularly you know that you have these traits and can tackle any situation.
  • Exercise is great ‘me time’ giving your brain a chance to think, away from the noises of work and home. Some of the best ideas happen during an early morning run!
  • And talking of early morning runs – if you find there are not enough hours in the day to fit in your fitness try getting it done before everyone else is even awake!
  • Exercise is proven to help relieve anxiety.
  • Strange as it may seem exercise actually gives you more energy to deal with the demands of life, including unexpected emergencies.
  • Your mental allertness and coordination will improve.
  • The feeling of being nice and tired physically as well as mentally will help you relax in the evenings.

If you are feeling stressed out about things in your life and you aren’t undertaking a regular exercise programme then maybe its something you should be looking to try. As Doctor Pepper says – Whats the worst that could happen? It can’t be any worse than the stress you have already!!


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