Strength Motivation

Strength might not seem attractive to some of you, I mean there are not many ladies out there looking to build big bulging muscles, but strength doesn’t have to be all about size and no matter what your opinion on muscles its always handy to be able to lift up that cute little neice of yours, even tho she has grown A LOT in the last year!!

So…… because you don’t want to have to ask for help when lifting something heavy (especially men – oh the shame!) here are the main reasons why exercise will increase your strength –

  • It will increase the blood flow to your muscles.
  • The breaking strength of your bones will increase and also the breaking strength of tendons and ligaments.
  • Muscle strength will increase and you can target areas that you would like to be stronger.
  • Your ability to recover will also be improved so not only will you be stronger but you won’t be wasted for the rest of the week after helping a friend move house!
  • Joint flexibility will be improved and also the cartlidge in the joints will get thicker.
  • You can reduce lower back pain.

As well as the physical joys of being stronger and all that this may bring there is also the added side effect that being stronger makes us FEEL better about ourselves and that has to be good motivation!


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