Sport Motivation

A good level of fitness will help in all sport and if you are competitive at all then you will want to be fit and strong with great quick recovery time.

Being fit is the base of all good sporting achievements and to keep you motivated here are some great reasons why –

  • You will be faster and stronger, but even better than that, your recovery time will be much quicker.
  • Exercise will help you to improve your game meaning that you can beat increasingly stronger opponents.
  • The higher levels of confidence that you experience will also improve your sporting abilities as will the increased serotonin released thru your regular activity.
  • As sport is often competitive taking time to increase your fitness motivation for yourself can be very rewarding.
  • When participating in exercise to attain lifetime fitness you can try different things and may find other sports that interest you – this is especially important for those reaching retirement from their sports.

Sport is fun, hockey, netball, football, swimming, triathlons, bowling, diving, dragon boating, rowing, trampolining, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, basketball, dancing, the list is almost endless – if you don’t participate in a sport already maybe you should try. It could be just the thing to give you that motivation you need to stay fit.


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