Happiness Motivation

Probably the one thing that everyone is looking for in life is happiness. Parents want it for their children, spouses for one another, we want it for our friends and family, the Dalai Lama even said that the ‘purpose’ of our lives is to be happy. Happiness is definitely extremely important and, as with all important things, can be helped with – yes you guessed it – increased strength and fitness gained from regular exercise.

Here are some of the main ways that being fit can make you happy –

  • Increased strength means you can do more in life without asking for help, this freedom can make you really happy.
  • Happiness also comes from the confidence of knowing that you look great and fit your clothes well.
  • Sporting achievements bring happiness as does the social aspect of sport.
  • Social interaction has been proven to make us happier and fitness is a great way to meet others from all walks of life in a positive setting.
  • While you are exercising those unhappy thoughts somehow fly away.
  • A morning walk while the sun rises is one of the most wonderful moments that lifts the spirit and makes you happy to be alive.
  • Once you get to the end of the day and know that today was another day where you ate well and worked out your body you will feel a great sense of wellbeing.
  • All those compliments that you get when you look fit – how can you not be happy after that?!

So basically being fit will make you happy and if it doesn’t well it will make you healthier, stronger, less stressed, better at your chosen sport and probably better looking too so if that doesn’t make you happy then what will?? 😀


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