Appearance Motivation

Not everyone believes in using appearance as a motivator but for those of you who believe that looking good is important then here are the main reasons that you should exercise regularly –

  • Exercise combined with dieting has been proven to be more successful than dieting alone, especially when it comes to the few last stubborn inches.
  • Exercise helps the body to use fat for physical energy rather than hold onto it for later.
  • A strong body is an attractive body – look at anyone with great legs and you will see that they are made from firm toned muscles.
  • That sneaky weight gain that just seems to happen over time won’t happen!
  • Confidence is attractive, and when you are regularly lifting heavier each week at the gym or you are now able to do a whole spin class without wanting to die, or even walking to the top of the hill and not getting puffed, when you can do these things you feel confident and you look great!
  • Hair skin and eyes can look brighter and your smile will be bigger too from those endorphines :-)
  • If you love food but don’t love your love handles then regular exercise is good as you will burn those extra calories.
  • Exercise can help improve your posture.

Basically if you wanna look good then you wanna get fit. I guess thats where the expression came from “he’s fit” comes from…


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