Real Life Fitness Trampolining at Competition Level

Today I have a brilliant interview about a really fun sport that anyone can get involved in – Trampolining!

I ‘bounced‘ myself for a few months many years ago and I can tell you it really is enjoyable :-)

If you have ever wanted to give it a go, then this interview is for you. Qualified trampolining coach and competition judge Ros, shares some great advice for anyone who would like to get started.

First of all what is so good about trampolining?
It is a very sociable sport. Anyone can do it and you can start at any age and you don’t have to be very fit or flexible when you start out. It is also usually quite cheap and you don’t need any special equipment.

Can you give us a little bit of background about how you got involved in trampolining?Trampolining I started when I went to University because the club sounded laid back and fun, unlike a lot of the other sports clubs. It was also very cheap to join.

So what are the top 3 things that you believe someone needs to know to be successful in the sport?
You need to be consistant, focused and have faith in the person coaching you.

What is the best way to get started for someone who has never tried trampolining before?
Sign up to a recreational class and see how you get on. And remember always trampoline with a qualified coach.

How long does it take, and how much experience do you need, before you can start to do moves?
The first move you learn is a straight bounce (up and down). You will learn that on your first go. Then you build up your moves one by one starting with the shapes – tuck, straddle, pike (pictured). Each move is a prerequisite for a harder move so you must progress through the moves to have a good, solid technique. No somersaults until the coach thinks you’re ready!

If you had one secret to give about trampolining, what would it be?
Always warm up before starting your training. Imagine the moves in your head from you’re view point as well as someone watching you and think how you could be your best. Then perform the move. This will give you the best chance of performing your move correctly.

And finally where can people find more information about trampolining?
The internet, it has lots of information. Check the person coaching you is a qualified coach to ensure you get the best teaching.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions and giving the readers a really great insight into the sport of trampolining. It has certainly made me want to give it another go – maybe this time I would get onto doing some cool moves – I guess I wasn’t ready before because I certainly didn’t get as far as doing a somersault!

Exercise isn’t a chore – it is a gift. Fitness should be fun, and I think trampolining definitely illustrates that!


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