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For me one of the most inspiring things is to read about what other people are achieving. I just love to find out about weight loss success stories or ordinary people who are doing great things with fitness. Its just so motivating to know that other people are working towards their dreams and that I can too.

So with that in mind I went on the lookout for ordinary people changing their lives through fitness. A couple of weeks ago I shared wih you the story of Darren and his happiness from fitness  – such a great interview! Today I have another amazing interview for you with Chris, who is changing his body and his life. Chris is on ‘the quest for physical perfection’ and is learning so much on the way about how to train well, eat well and get the most out of his workouts.

Fitness Motivation Today Real Life Fitness Dedicated Bodybuilding

I particularly love his honest description of a fitness high – this has to be one of the best feelings ever and something that I strive for in the gym myself. One thing I love about working out and getting fitter and stronger is that it just feels better and better and I know that Chris feels better now than he did three years ago and that he will feel even better in three more years!

  • First of all can you tell us what kind of training you are doing and what you enjoy most about it.

Sure, well I am currently in my final week of my ‘strength’ training programe, which really consists of loading maximum weight on the bars, and performing upto five sets. currently i guess i’m enjoying my leg training as the results are evident, i’m doin supersets and i guess my favourite must be supersetting ‘squats’ with ‘split lunges’, you can really feel the burn, which is a weekly motivator.

  • How and when did you first get involved in bodybuilding ?

Well, i guess my new devotion to training, was brought about by a friend who was naturally slight of build. Maybe around 3 years ago he had been given a bench and weights for Christmas, from then on i used to visit his home every week and we would do an allover basic workout. This insantly gave me a rush, and started to see results within weeks. After around 6 months, i discovered another friend of mine had opened his own gym, from which time i began to train with him in his gym, and together we came up with training plans which i periodise from 4 to 6 week intervals.

  • What are your goals with your training and how important are these to you?

My goals are generally those of increasing size and definition. I constantly strive to develop myself and aim to achieve a likeness to Michael-Angelo’s sculpture of ‘David’. The shape and definition of how a man should be. This goal is extremely important to me as i have been on the other end of the scale and realise the better i feel the better i look, and vice versa.

  • Do you record your goals and how do you measure progress?

Yeah, i do record and measure my progress, basically i have a sheet with each of my workouts divided into no more than 6 week periods. Each time i lift espcially though a hypertrophy or strength programme i intend to lift heavier than last time not only each worrkout but each set. also same with the cardio, i generally work on a set distance, so i try to beat my time.

  • Aside from having goals, what other things keep you motivated?

Other than goals?! Well I guess i gotta say the ‘rush’ or i should say the endorphine release that has a real kick. It is such a feel good factor, especially when i leave the gym you know, it;s like a high, a ‘fitness high’, it’s so good I sometimes just kinda feel invincible you know.

  • You talk about a ‘fitness high’, when did you first experience this? For those who have not been lucky enough to experience this awesome feeling can you give us an example of a really great session you had recently.Fitness Motivation Today Real Life Fitness Dedicated Bodybuilding

Sure, well it’s almost all the time. I think I first exprienced my ‘fitness high’  probably midway in my first ever specific programme in the gym, it was euphoric. I guess my most recent experience of this was only some days ago, i remember i was training my back and biceps, during the workout i felt in complete control over ever technique, i was overcoming fatigue with relative ease and basically just blasting out heavier weights since last week. Again the rush while actually performing was great, and it lasts you know even after leaving the gym I kinda felt unbreakable.

  • You must have days when you just can’t be bothered working out? How do you get over that?

Yeah, you know i think like everyone does have their off days when you feel like you can’t be bothered. And to be honest you must rely on yourself as no-one is gonna get you the body, or fitness you want but you. also if you rely on anything external, it can always be taken away from you. I guess i keep the mental attitude my late Aunt had, and that is ‘Stay strong, and be positive’. These words i constntly repeat and find highly motivating.

  • Have you experienced any problems with your training and how did you overcome them?

Sure, ah well I have hit plateau and to overcome this is to switch routine, so for example if i’m doing a hypertrophy programme and if after say four weeks i feel i am not progressing or i’m hitting a plateau, then i drop this routine that week and then the next week I’ll begin say, a strength programme, and then again into a power prgramme. you gotta keep stimulating the body for it to grow. Also i have had a dislocated shoulder in the past and so i frequently overcome this by a regular sports massage, and perfom rehab techniques using a light weight like a 2.5 kg weight. Another problem was diet I used to have like a tablespoon or two of sugar over my cereal and eating rubbish cereal and other stuff before i trained like pizza, take outs. I just don’t eat anymore I try to eat what some call clean and natural foods.

  • If you had to choose only one workout, what would it be and why?

Well I guess if I had to choose only one workout it would have to be a power routine, incorporating ‘Olympic’ style lifts and techniques. I feel because of the weight your lifting and it’s got an explosive technoique so your using a lot of muscle groups in just one technique, take for example the ‘clean & press’, arms, back, legs, shoulders, it’s got it all and that’s only one technique., It keeps good level of fitness, and gain lean muscle. Amazing!!

  • Where can people find more information about bodybuilding

 Well there’s so much free information out there you can type just one word on the internet. Also there are a number of magazines regarding muscle training, and flexibilty. And finally there’s always the gym, you’ll find lots of friendly people all over ready to help with information even maybe in your training routine also.

As a final note I’d like to thank Addictive Fitness Gym, for their help in assisting me in my quest for physical perfection.

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