Plan Your Own Body Transformation – PART 3

Part 1

Part 1 of the Plan Your Own Body Transformation Series looked at the basis of your transformation – researching and learning to get the best foundation.

It is so important to take the time to give yourself the best possible start. This way your fitness motivation will come so much easier to you during the transformation. Don’t feel tempted to skip this part – its more important than you might think. The motivation and inspiraton that you need to keep going through the tougher times comes from the solid base that you set yourself in Part 1.

Part 2

Part 2 moved on to talking about how you will get there and how to create a plan and calendar to follow throughout the transformation. We also covered courses that could help you to get what you want and how to choose the best exercise and nutrition program to follow for your main goals, sub goals and mini goals. Part 2 was also the catalyst to START and to take action towards your goal.

So…. if all went to plan, you should now be in the first few fabulous days of your new lifestyle, towards the body of your dreams! Hopefully you are still in the excitement stage but if you have become bored or frustrated already, then these tips today should help you out and get you back on track.


Tips to Stay on Track With Your Transformation

* The best time to plan for any problems that might arise is NOW

The worst thing that you can do is to wait for a problem to happen and then think that you will tackle it at the time – this almost never works. In the heat of the moment it is so easy to agree to eat a piece of chocolate cake when you are hungry or to miss a workout that then messes up the whole week.

There are so many things that could go wrong and now is the best time to plan ways around them because you are still keen and excited by your transformation.

* Brainstorm all possible set-backs and temptations to stray from the program

Take a piece of paper and note down all the issues that you can forsee. This could be anything from being invited out with friends, to being too tired or having no time or the temptation of food at a children’s birthday party or even Christmas parties (if your transformation is longer than about 8 weeks!)

Don’t be kind about this, write them all down (both fitness and nutrition) you will thank yourself in the future when one of these problems pops up and you have to face it!

With this knowledge you are now in the perfect position to crush all your excuses and make sure that you cannot sabotage your transformation.

* Create a list of problems and solutions

If you have read my blogpost Little Book of Workouts then you will be familiar with this table – these are my solutions for my own favourite excuses for not working out.

This is the best format to use as it is simple. Its always best to keep it simple when dealing with motivating yourself – for some reason its a lot harder to be accountable to yourself than to others and this way of getting rid of excuses is one way to get some of that accountability.

Be creative but sensible with your solutions

I want you to stay on track with your transformation and also to enjoy the time and carry on with your other life commitments as well so be creative when designing solutions. Choose things that will work for you, work in with your family and work, and that also will keep you happy and contented as you move through your plan towards looking the way you have always desired.

Life should be enjoyable – never let go of that! :-)

Try incorporating making meals into family time, or find ways to be active with friends.

* Re-visit your inspiration board to ensure it is aligned with your values and goals – its better to change it now than to risk being bored or frustrated half- way through

Something that I wish I had thought of myself back in the beginning when I was starting out was the idea that nothing is final. There are no rules about not changing your mind or developing your ideas.

If you find yourself moving in a direction that is a bit different from what you thought then thats ok. As long as you have found something that you enjoy and you are moving in a direction that makes you happy you are doing the right thing. You may find that you need to re-visit your inspiration board and that you might want to change up some of your exercises or nutrition to concentrate on something a bit differently. This is all ok.

As you move on with the transformation you will learn what works for you and what gives you the best results so use that knowledge of yourself to inform what you do. Adapt if required and always always reward yourself for any small achievements that you make.

* Have answers ready for anyone who questions what you are doing (or for when you question it yourself!)

Its hard to know whether to discuss your fitness goals, which is why I have devoted a whole post to that subject.

Something that can make it easier for you is to take a bit of time to decide upon answers for those questions that you may be getting from well-meaning friends, colleagues or perhaps even yourself on a day when you just can’t see why you are doing this!

I am often asked about my eating and why I don’t eat more cake or chocolates, especially when thats what everyone else is up to! I find that I am better able to answer this now with a stock answer that hasn’t required any thought on my part. I am able to provide the answer without questuoning myself or my motives and because I am so clear about it no one feels the need to try to talk me around. Its really a very effective tool when you need to keep up your dieting or workout motivaton.

You can also use these ‘answers’ as inspirational messages.

Keep them in your smart phone or on the computer desktop. Just like mini inspiration boardsĀ  :-)

* Realise that this is your chance to make a real difference to your body and the way you look – you need to focus to get best results and trust your research and preparation

You may have been thinking about this for a long time and you may never have had the body that you have always wanted so make sure you know that this is your time to make it right – this is your chance to look fantastic. There are no more excuses, no more forgotten gym sessions and no more fad diets. You have planned your transformation, you have a calendar of workouts, you have worked out how to overcome problems and you know what to do if you you start to change your mind about what you are doing.

What you need to do now is focus, believe in yourself and continue to take action until you get results (and beyond)

* Get excited about what is ahead and enjoy the journey!

Would you like some accountability? Why not leave a comment below or you could send a contact email to me if you would like me to personally check up on your progress!

Believe in Fitness and Beieve in Yourself x



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