Plan Your Own Body Transformation – PART 2

Be sure to read Part 1 of this series on How To Plan Your Own Body Transformation.

In Part 1 you learnt about the importance of knowing why you want to change and the research that is needed at the outset of such a major thing as a body transformation. I hope that you have had a chance to work through the suggested actions so that you are really ready to take the next step – I am pretty excited for you right now! Its all about to get REAL  :-)

So you should by now have a good inspiration board, filled with images and words that inspire you, you probably have a few fitness idols who you would love to look like and you will have been researching their training methods and motivational techniques.

If you have then super – you are ready for the next step! If you are reading this and you haven’t yet read Part 1 then I strongly recommend that you do – you will have far greater success with the program if you start from the very beginning. (I was gonna say “trust me” here but I can’t – that phrase is just plain creepy!)

So are we ready to move on now??  WHOOP WHOOP – here is Part 2  :-)


Crystalise and prioritize your goals

After all the thinking and research of the past few days you should now have a good idea of a few goals that you have for your body. You my have already narrowed it down to a main goal but if you have not yet done that now is the time.

Its going to be too difficult to focus on more than 1 main thing as you plan the transformation. You can certainly have sub-goals but you really will have better success with one main goal that you will always keep as top priority. The reason for this is that there will be times along the way where things don’t go to plan and you will have to wing it a bit. Maybe you will have to miss a workout or you will be faced with an unplanned meal. At these times if you know what your main goal is then you will know how to decide what to do.

Let me give you an example – If you have a main goal of losing fat and one day you have not planned your food properly so you are without lunch, with your main goal in mind you will be able to decide more easily what to buy for your lunch. You do not need to be tempted by high fat options thinking that they would be good for you if you need to build strength (because that is not number one priority), also you will not be tempted by a delicious desert as you will know that sugar is the enemy of fat loss so its not worth it even if you can think of reasons why you could have sugar for extra energy. You know what it is that is most important to you and so you are able to always make the right choice when faced with a decision.

So if you are looking at your research from Part 1 and you find that you have a few goals then all you have to do is to get clear on what is number one priority. What do you want to do even if all the others didn’t happen? Don’t worry they WILL happen – its just a way of getting these goals in an order in your mind so that there is always something that is more important than any other ‘excuse’ your body could make during the transformation period!


Its time to look for guidance on HOW to get that body of your dreams.

There are various routes that you can take.

If you would like the personal touch, someone to push you really hard or you think that you need guidance because you are just starting out, or you have reached a plateua then you might want to try personal training, online or with a trainer at a gym in your area. I made great improvements in my physique when I committed to a program of personal training and I would totally recommend it to everyone. I know that it can be expensive but for me it was worth it.

Online trainers like Jason Squires or Get Active Online can be a more cost effective way to get the personal attention of a trainer without missing out on any of the good bits – like someone who really cares about your results and can guide you to the best exercises and techniques that will help you the most.

Of course personal training is not for everyone and you may be looking for something a little cheaper or perhaps more sociable.

Tom Venuto is a well known and respected author of online fitness and nutrition books

If you have identified someone who you would like to look like then now is the time to research if they offer advice or courses on how they did it. Take JNL for instance – she had an amazing transformation after the birth of her sons and she has written books and courses and even written The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet to cover all aspects of fat loss and creating beautiful feminine curves. All of these will help you if your goal is to look like her.

Don’t be nervous about buying products from your fitness idols, chances are they really know their stuff and most have a money back guarantee for peace of mind.

Use research from the past week to choose the best program for your particular goal (and sub-goals)

If you search on the internet you will see that there are many beautiful people who have created courses that help people like you, to look like them. This isn’t all just money-making scamming, is you choose wisely you actually get years of knowledge crammed into a course or book that would take you a very long time to learn if you were to go it alone.

Learn from the right people and you can make great progress really quickly – its almost like getting personal training from some of the best trainers in the world.

For muscle building I particularly like Vince Delmonte as he is someone who really knows his stuff and, in fact, this weekend was just back home from competitng in a bodybuilding contest. He really knows what he is talking about and he is always in great shape! His wife Flavia is pretty awesome too and after she publicised her wedding transformation, there has been great interest in her programs too.

If you would like to see what programs I recomend take a look at the fit fab fitness progams tab at the top of the page. I’ll be adding to this as I go – I love to try out new things and compare what is on offer.

Just so you know – here is a list of what I have used recently

Belinda Benn Get Lean Program – I chose this because, like Belinda, I wanted to move from being a sugar junkie office worker to being a fit and healthy hottie  😀

JNL – The Mind, Body & Soul Diet – I chose this because I know that JNL has overcome some issues that were close to my own like low self esteem and comfort eating

Belinda Benn Breakthru Abs – I chose this because IT IS FREE! and I love free things (also I wanted to know the very best exercises for getting my abs to pop-out)

Ryan and Adam’s FUNdamentals bodyweight exercises – again its FREE but also I chose it because I wanted to work out in my own home

Sue Heintz Body Blitz program – I chose this for the wealth of information that was available as well as the eBook on motivation and I am glad I did as it is the best motivational book I have ever read and is by far worth the price just for that

The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris – This I chose in my quest to be awesome and I do think its worked a bit!

The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook by Tosca Reno – Obviously I want to know how she does it at her age because she looks better than me and she is fifty something

Six Pack Factory 6 week 6 pack challenge – I chose this for obvious reasons – to get a 6 pack in 6 weeks! Its another FREE course and there is another challenge starting in 2 weeks! (its a great site too)


I hope this gives you an insight into the wealth of knowledge that is out there to help all of us in our own quests for the ideal body – whatever you want someone will be able to tell you how to get it.


Break down goals into manageable sized mini goals

If you have decided to go with a program online or use some information from webistes or books, you should either have a plan made out for you – in which case great, you can just start to take action and I will see you in Part 3! OR… you are ready to break down your main goal into smaller mini goals that you can then plan out into a time frame.

Take some paper or the computer and write down all your mini goals one by one as they take you closer to the end result. Here is an example

Main Goal – Stripping fat to get down to being ‘ripped’


  • cutting out sugar for a whole week with one cheat meal (then repeat this mini goal for the duration)
  • working with the Belinda Benn abs programme at the end of each workout
  • Incorporating 3-4 additional cardio sessions per week, early morning
  • Reducing carbs towards the end of the transformation to really see best results
  • Adding some short hard bursts of interval training to create maximum fat burning workouts

Using a calendar (and being mindful of your commitments) create a detailed break down of your goals into weeks

Ok so this is where it starts to get real but it also starts to get a bit tricky – you might have to spend a bit of time on this to get it right and work around all your other commitments but it is worth it. remember the old saying “Fail to Plan and you Plan to Fail”

Here is an example of how your plan might look now – I suggest planning it into your computer calendar or using a week to view diary.

With all your research and help from the pros you should have a good idea of how long this is going to take and what is required – planning it out is just your way of making yourself accountable to yourself every day. You should end up with a calendar of workouts and mini goals that you can print out and stick somewhere or keep with you in your smart phone. Whatever is best for you to keep it in your mind EVERY DAY.

Write down rewards you will give yourself for each achievement

And because you have everything broken down by weeks and mini goals, you are now able to plan what treats to give yourself when you have made achievements. My book “Motivating  your Fitness” has some great ideas for ways to reward yourself

Take your before picture

Well I know that some of you might not want to do this but it is very important – even if you don’t use this picture as something to keep you motivated during the tough times you still need it. Afterall, what good would body transformation be if there were no photos to prove how amazing it was! Thats the whole point isn’t it?  😀

Try to wear something skimpy for the best effect because you know you are going to look sooo much better when you have reached your goals!

Print all information required, get equipment, join gym, buy workout gear, buy journal, download app…

All that is left for you to do now is to get everything ready to start. I don’t know exactly what you have planned to do or how you have planned to do it – afterall its your body transformation, and unique to you. But what I do know is that you will need your calendar, maybe print-outs of exercises from a fitness program, equipment, workout gear, a journal or smart phone app…. whatever it is that you need now is the time to get it.

And you know what day is best for you to start because you have your calendar, and you know how long this is going to take (did you know its only 12 weeks till Xmas!) so if today isn’t your ideal starting day then may I suggest a great day to start is tomorrow Why Wait?

Hopefully you will have a few workouts under your belt by Part 3, where you will read about –

  • Tips on sticking with it when times get tough
  • Mixing up workouts to relieve boredom
  • How to deal with friends and family
  • Planning for parties/holidays and other interruptions
  • Focus and keeping your eye on the prize…

Have you chosen an online fitness program? Do you have any recommendations for others?


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