Plan Your Own Body Transformation – PART 1

A complete body transformation is a dream for so many people. With examples like JNL and Tosca Reno, its east to see why!

The self confidence you get is amazing and those who have gone through their own transformation know it can change lives. I believe that everyone is capable of completely transforming their body to look exacty as they please – its going to take effort andtime but its also going to be worth it. In this 3 part series I am going to show you how its done.

Part 1 is probably the most important. This is where you prepare yourself for the very best chance of greatest success! Here we go!….


Why do you want to change?

First and foremost you have to know WHY you want to change, its all very well to say that you want a complete body transformation but if you can’t say why then you are going to have trouble sticking to your fitness and nutrition.

Consider all the things that you have felt driven to do in your life and you will see that there is usually a strong reason why you wanted to do those things and that is what was driving you. A good example of this is saving money to spend on holiday because the reason to save the money is so that when you are on holiday you will have a better time. When you know how much fun you can have on your vacation then it seems much easier to prioritise sepnding.

Another great example is learning to drive – the reason to learn is that you want to have the freedom of being able to drive your own car and you don’t want to have to wait for the bus or train anymore. This contrasts with the saving money example because it is moving away from something you don’t like rather than moving towards something you know that you will like.

I like that because when it comes to reasons to lose weight, strip fat or build muscle there are very often negatives that you are moving away from and these can often be a stronger incentive than what you could be moving towards.

For example a before photograph can often be the biggest motivation during a transformation (and even after – as a reason not to fall back into old habits)

The main thing is that you are able to workout why you want to change and that your reasons are strong enough to keep you interested for the duration of your program.

For more inspiration on this you might like to download my free eBook “Motivating Your Fitness”


What do you want to look like – who do you admire?

Before you can plan your transformation program, you will need to have a good idea of WHAT you want to look like. Without this it is going to be very hard to make sure that you are following the right program and focusing on the areas you need to.

Everyone has different ideas about what a beautiful body looks like so you need to be really clear on what you are aiming for before planning how to get there. Perhaps the girls want to be muscular and fit looking like Kelly Rennie, or maybe the guys would like to look like Thor  :-)

Remember that this is about planning your own body transformation so don’t be shy or practical about this – go for gold, be honest. If you want to have a six pack then go for it! This is all about being awesome and looking the best you can because thats what you deserve :-)

If you would like a bit of inspiration you could check out this blog post I wrote a few months back, which has a few of the best transformations on the web at the moment.

Create your inspiration board

For those of you that do not know what an inspiration board is – it is simply a collection of images and words that inspire YOU and that reflect what you want to achieve and where you want your life to be headed.

Collect them together on a board or large piece of paper and hang it in a prominent place at home or work – somewhere you can see it when you are most likely to need some extra inspiration. The images and words ensure that the predominant thoughts in your mind are positively looking forward to what you want giving you the best chance of reaching your goals.

When you are surrounded by images of your goals it is so much easier and in fact the strength and desire that you need to help you get there becomes almost effortless with time.

Inspiration boards are used all over the world by sales people, athletes, entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants the most out of life.

If you are the type of person who thinks that its all a bit too much trouble and you can remember it all in your head so there is no need, all I would say is give it a try. I was in your shoes before but I decided to try it because I wanted to learn about all motivational techniques so that I could give the very best adice to you, the readers, and I have been really impressed with how much easier it has been for me to focus on my goals.

I used to change my mind about what I was aiming for, meaning that I had tried a lot of new great things but never stayed withanything long enough to say I had really mastered it. Now that I have my inspiration board I have actually been able to make much better progress and keep my attention on one thing long enough to make a difference (like my splits challenge! – at the time of writing I am not yet able to do the splits BUT I am so close!)

So give your inspiration board a try – take a few days to look for images of your ideal body and quotes that will inspire you when times are tough – your inspiration board is going to become like an encouraging friend! Think of it simply as marketing your goals to yourself.


How have others created the body you want

Now that you are clear about what you want and you know of people who have done this before you, take a look at what they did to get that body.

  • What kind of training did they do?
  • What sort of nutrition plan have they followed?
  • Was it easy or hard?
  • How long did it take?
  • What kind of set-backs did they encounter and how did they get over them?

By gathering this kind of information you are setting yourself up for success because you are going to have a much better idea of what the coming weeks are going to be like. You are also pumping your brain full of inspiration and motivation, which is going to be very important to you as you follow through with your plan.

Be honest about how long it will take

The reason why this post is in three parts (apart from the fact that I have a lot to share with you and don’t want to be restricted to only one blog post) is that you will need time in between each post to prepare for the next step in planning your own body transformation.

One of the things I would like you to think about between now and the next post (scheduled for Saturday) is how long this process is really likely to take. You have to be honest with yourself here because if you can be clear about what you want, and how long its going to take to get there, then you have a much better chance of success. Alternatively if you have not prepared yourself for how long it will take then the chances are that you could get bored or stop just before you get to the good bit.

Don’t let that happen. Prepare yourself by having a good think now about what this is going to entail and how you are going to cope with that.


Consider potential problems (such as time constraints or family meals) and how these could be overcome

Of course the time to get results isn’t the only problem that you could come accross – you may find you have a lack of time due to other commitments or that members of your family keep tempting you with cakes at weak moments. This is life and this is what happens.

The only way to protect yourself from that is to plan for these in advance. So along with being honest with yourself about the size of task that lies ahead of you, now is also the time to be honest about the issues that may need to be overcome.

Planning is all it takes to get these under control so take a pen and paper now and jot down all the possible problems and a way to overcome each one, such as these ideas on how to avoid unhealthy snacking.

Take some time to be sure of your goal and to get into the right mindset – you have to believe in yourself and be prepared to dedicate yourself to the transformation

This post is all about the preparation needed before you start to properly plan out your body transformation. This is not the most important thing – no the most important thing is action! However, its much easier to take the correct action and to be able to stick with it through any hard times if you have prepared and planned properly at the beginning.

So before Part 2, please make sure you are clear about

  • WHY you want to change
  • Ensure you have enough visual images of WHAT and WHO you want to look like
  • Put these in a prominent place at home or work
  • Research HOW others have achieved what you want. There is always someone who has been there first so learn from them!

Remember to write down or bookmark anything interesting that you find as it could be helpful to you in Part 2 and Part 3 of this process and also remember to check back for the next 2 posts!

Part 2 will discuss –

  • Why you need to crystalise and prioritise your goals for maximum success
  • How to break it down and apply a realistic timeframe
  • The best exercises and nutrition plans for your requirements
  • The most important thing – and something that most people neglect to do!

So until then bye for now :-)

What would be your ideal body? Whats the best transformation you have seen? Have you had your own transformation? I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below…


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