Meet Mac…

Hi, I’m Matai ‘Mac’ McGrath.

Firstly I’d like to say is that I’m very happy and excited to become a part of FMT.

It really is a great website with so many resources for you to use to increase and keep your motivation and find great nutrition and training programs as well as endless tips and tricks to help you strengthen your belief in fitness.

A Bit About me

I have always been fascinated in the human body and how it looks and performs. I grew up on a small farm in rural New Zealand where my Dad bred, trained and worked draught horses. Old school! There were no gyms only splitting fire wood everyday and what ever other farm work needed to be done.

The horses on the farm

Like a lot of young men I did a lot of press ups and sit ups in my room at night as well as curls with an old sash window weight trying to get bigger muscles. In my early teens I worked my way up to being able to bust out 100 press ups anywhere anytime which I thought was a pretty good party trick at times. I kept this up for a few years by doing 100 press ups most nights before bed.

After leaving home and working for a couple of years one day I thought why haven’t I joined a gym? I signed up to one of the 2 gyms in town and got one of the gyms full body exercise programs, which I did 3 times a week. This got my body used to weight training and got me used to seeing results (even though I ate completely wrong and no where near enough!)

Me at 75kg

After about 3 mouths of this I got a personal trainer who put me on a simple 3 day split and told me I needed to eat as much as I could. I wasn’t really into eating then and I wasn’t a big fan of meat, but I slowly managed to

get over that by making myself eat more and more often, like I’d been advised. Before long I was hungry all the time! As I ate more and my training progressed I started to see some really good results. I remember at one stage after a couple of weeks off training I started back (easing into over the next week) then hitting it hard gaining and amazing 8kg (17+lbs) of muscle in under 3 months while losing a kg of body fat! Of course the gains don’t come quite like that anymore.

My motivation comes from always wanting to improve my physique – striving for perfection.

I enjoy watching my body slowly evolve, getting bigger, stronger and more defined.

I also really enjoy the training, I love being in the gym working out, pushing more weight, squeezing the contractions, pushing harder than last time, withstanding more pain and getting a huge pump. It’s all about the pump man! 😀

It does take some practice to actually look forward to going to the gym and pushing yourself to the limit. But believe me it is possible!

Like anyone, some days I just don’t feel like going to the gym and putting my self through all that pain and effort, I just want to go home and watch TV or go out and eat something delicious. (like Pizza and fries, ooh yeh)

But my motivation is what keeps me training and keeps me eating well.

Although…. it hasn’t always been this way…

In the past there have been periods (sometimes many months) when I’ve given up going to the gym altogether and other times when I’ve still gone to the gym but not with any real drive – I was just going through the motions if you know what I mean.

Because I have not always been naturally motivated, I have had to learn lots of different ways to really increase my motivation and keep the drive alive! Its got to the point where now I have very little trouble with motivating myself because I know what I want and what I need to do to get it.

Of course, I still have some days that I just don’t want to go to the gym but once I get there and do my first couple of warm ups set and I feel the blood start flowing and I remember why I am there and thats it – I’m off!

What Are My Personal Goals? 

(For more information onmaking your own fitness goals click to read this post!)

My goal for the future is to keep working hard towards building what I consider to be, the ultimate physique.

For me this means adding more overall mass, and also focusing on specific areas to make sure the mass and shape is in perfect proportion over the whole body.

Me at 84kg

I prefer the physiques of the classic bodybuilders of the golden era over the mass monsters of today.
I do admire the freaky size and extreme conditioning of todays bodybuilders and I am a huge fan of some of todays pro’s but for me the ultimate balance between size, shape and proportions was achieved many years ago.

What Will I Add to Fitness Motivation Today?

The reason I’ve become part of FMT is because I’d like to share all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve accumulated – about training, nutrition and most of all motivation, not just the motivation to MAKE yourself do it but the sort of motivation that makes you WANT to do it!

Motivation that makes you WANT to go the the gyn, makes you WANT get up in the morning for a run, makes u WANT to eat healthy!

Because I do believe that being fit and healthy really is the only way!

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  1. Nice bit of backstory M. I’ve not seen you since you were a kid, so this transformation of yours is fascinating. Thinking about it – do you reckon, watching and working with the Clydes, contributed to you becoming interested in work, strength and musculature?

    • Hi Dan. Great to hear from you and see you reading my stuff. Hmmm thats an interesting question I’ve never really thought about it. Now I think about it maybe growing up around all those big work horses did have something to do with my interest in muscle. I have always admired how powerful they look.
      Make sure you check out my lastest post about training in the hay barn!

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