Market YOUR OWN Goals to Yourself!

Before we get into it I just want to thank JNL for providing the inspiration for this post, which is a quote from one of her fantastic podcasts, when she talked about Marketing your own goals”

Everyone is aware of the effects of advertising and marketing. We are bombarded daily with images, videos, audio, text, adverts, posters, flyers, apps, pop-ups etc, etc, etc…

Fitness Motivation Today Marketing Your Own Fitness

No matter how much we like to think that we ignore them its not really true is it? I know that when I get a flyer delivered to the door for a new take-away down the road I get hungry and I start to think that maybe some fish and chips would be good for me, you know, I need a bit of a cheat sometimes. Or when I hear an advert on the radio for a cosmetic sale I immediately think that I should go because my mascara will have passed its use-by date and I do really need some new colors of eye-shadow.

This is the whole basis of those popular internet shopping sites where a new deal goes up everyday, with something you don’t really need at such a fantastic bargain that you just HAVE to buy it.

But you didn’t have to buy it at all, and it wouldn’t have seemed such a great bargain if you didn’t know about it.

It’s the old expression ‘out of sight – out of mind’ flipped around. When something is in sight then it is in your mind! These shopping sites know this and use it to generate sales – by having potential customers sign up for daily notifications they are able to make sales that would otherwise not have happened.

It seems crazy that we should be affected like this but it’s not all bad – in fact you have the option to acknowledge this fact and use it to your advantage. You have the opportunity to market your own goals – to yourself!

It’s really easy, all you need to do is to find as many ways as possible to have your own personal goals visible to you, everyday, wherever you are, and therefore in your mind all day everyday.

Fitness Motivation Today Marketing Your Own Goals to Yourself

That's me and my boyfriend.. our fitness reminder.

Here are some ideas for marketing your own fitness goals to yourself.

  • Paste inspirational pictures on the TV and the fridge.
  • Hang an inspirational quote above your computer.
  • Set up your calendar to send a daily email reminding you of what you want to achieve. Create a wallpaper for your computer from pictures of people you admire.
  • Have your favorite athlete as your iPhone screen saver.
  • Keep podcasts and audio books that you find inspiring or that contain information useful to reaching your goals, on your iPod so that you can listen to these anytime you have some spare time.
  • Create an inspiration board in your bedroom that you see each day when you wake up and pin up anything which inspires you – celebrities, healthy food, clothing, quotes…
  • ‘Like’ your favorite athletes or models on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to websites which will email you with motivational information.
  • Leave fitness magazines by the bed.

The idea is that you have as many reminders around as you as you can. You want to be able to see something that will remind you of your weight loss goals, fitness goals, performance goals, health goals etc, almost all day. Try as hard as you can to get it in front of yourself as often as you can. You can be quite creative about it if you like. Think like a marketer – what would make you want to buy something? What would make you want to buy into fitness?

You can even use company marketing to your advantage by taking gym flyers and putting them around your desk at work to remind you to exercise after work.

Marketing and advertising are a part of life now so don’t sit back and let yourself be influenced by others – be proactive and influence yourself!

If anyone has any great ideas for this kind of self-marketing it would be awesome if you could share it with everyone in the comments below – or pop over to the Facebook page and share it there!


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  1. Write yourself a beautiful letter

    • Bridget says:

      What a great idea – try writing it on really lovely paper and sticking it up on the wall somewhere, maybe in your bedroom. That way you can see how much you really want to succeed. You really do have to be your own best friend and encourage yourself as much as you can – sounds a but crazy but its true! 😀

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