Little Book of Workouts

I wanted today to share with you a tip that has helped me out so many times, and then helped me out again today. It’s something that I started to do kind of by accident but its one of my best ideas! It’s not only brilliant but its comforting too.

What I am talking about is my little book of workouts. Ok so actually its a notebook in Evernote but lets refer to it as my little book coz it sounds cool.

Fitness Motivation Today Little Book of Workouts

The idea behind the little book is that I have a go-to workout for any day that I might not feel like exercising, so that I have no excuses. Its a great way to keep myself from missing exercise and then feeling upset with myself. I don’t WANT to miss a day of exercise and this is a great way to ‘make myself’ without any pain.

So the trick is to have a plan for any situation that may arise when exercise doesn’t seem tempting. That way, any time one of these situations comes up you have a go-to easy solution. I personally think that the high after a workout when I didn’t think I would, is the best as the feeling is mixed in with achievement and a bit of self love :-)

Take today for example – I took my gym things to work with me, but as the day went on and I thought about all the other things I wanted to do this evening, going to the gym seemed less and less enticing. Over an hour of fighting for the machines I want, all the time knowing that I would rather be somewhere else!

But then again I didn’t really want to miss out on my exercise for the day because it makes me feel good and I want to be fit and healthy and have a great body. So to miss out on going wasn’t an option.

So I was in a bit of a pickle. What to do?

Fitness Motivation Today Little Book of Workouts

Reach for the little book of workouts! In here I have a workout suggestion for every excuse that I know I could come up with. Problem solved! So today I turned to my “no time for a full gym session” workout. 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training and a grueling but quick abs superset later, and I was getting changed and heading out the door – less than 45 minutes after I got there! (Including changing time)

A quick banana and protein shake and I was good to go. Soooo many hours left in the day and I can do everything else I wanted to do and best of all I feel great because I didn’t skip my exercise for the day. Thank goodness for the little book of workouts :-)

Why don’t you make one for yourself? Think of all those excuses that you come up with for not doing any exercise and make a workout plan for how to overcome it.

The situations I have covered are –



I don’t have time to do a full hour in the gym. HIIT and abs superset.
I don’t have time to even get to the gym. 30 minute run to the top of our closest hill and back.
I was going to go to for a run but it’s raining. Tabata workout in the kitchen
I don’t really want to do boring cardio but I don’t want to ruin myself for weights tomorrow. Full body circuit with low weight and high reps.
I want to exercise but I don’t want to waste a great sunny day in a sweaty class. Run outdoors incorporating sprints at the rugby fields.


So far that’s everything covered but if I find another excuse one day I’ll make sure that I think of a problem solver and include it in my little book for next time.

Exercise is too important to miss, as we all know consistency is the key and missing workouts messes up motivation as well as holding back progress. Success depends on using your body regularly and not giving in to your own excuses. Don’t give yourself a chance to muck up. Make it easy for yourself.

Give yourself a chance to shine, a chance to make yourself proud. You have to live with yourself every day so you might as well make it simple to do what will ultimately make you happy and that is to stick to a regular fitness programs and have a happy, healthy and fit body capable of giving you your best life to live with your friends and family.

Start your list of excuses today and set about solving each of them with an easy exercise solution.

Good luck and please share your great ideas :-)


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