Kelly Rennie, Model & Athelete, Shares her Fitness Motivation

I am soooo excited about today’s interview! I personally think Kelly Rennie is just awesome and so its great for me to be able to share with you guys one of the people who I look up to when it comes to having that workout motivation that is essential to achieving fitness goals.

So here we go…..  :-)

Hey Kelly :-)

I first heard about you when you won the World Sports Model Agency competition in 2010. (I entered it too! he he) It was an amazing photo! How long had you been seriously training before that?

I started training properly in May last year, 9 weeks out from my first competition, which was the Northern Qualifier of the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation in the Figure Division.

Have you always been a ‘sporty’ person?

I have always been a sporty person since a young age, gymnastics, kickboxing and then a keen rugby player for 5 years. Although in my early twenties I stopped everything, I suppose you could say enjoyed the social life more.

I read that you sat down one day and you set yourself the goal of competing. When you set this goal did you know what that would involve? What kind of plan did you make and what help did you get to guide you?

I had know idea what I was about to put myself through, infact I hadn’t even seen a competition until the day I got to mine. My first plan was to find someone who knew more about it than I did. Finding a good trainer is so important from not only a training role but support too as It was all about hard work, consistency and just listening and following every word my trainer said!

Was bodybuilding and competing something that you have always been interested in?

My twin sister competed in a BB competition years back and since then I always wanted to give it ago. I had got my fitness to a good stand before deciding to compete so I suppose this was the next level for me. I understood nothing about it but was up for the challenge!

It seems like so many competitors also work in the fitness industry, I think I am right in saying that you started out as an office manager and that you were working full time while you were preparing to enter your first show, how did you manage to fit training and eating in to your normal day? Were there times when you wished you could just cheat and have a nice office biscuit?

Yes that’s right last year I was working in an office. Everyday I made sure I packed all my food so I wouldn’t snack on anything. I was so determined to look the part on stage my will power was strong enough not to touch any biscuits and so forth. It helps that I don’t eat grains, so I don’t get huge amounts of cravings for most carbs. With regards to the training, I found it quite easy compared to working for myself. I’d do my cardio before work and at lunch time I would got to the gym next to my work and then train in my home studio afterwork. It all seemed to be quite stress free at times.

You must have incredible belief in yourself and your abilities, do you have any techniques that you use to strengthen this?

My belief is quite simple, if others can do it, surely I can!! The mind is the most powerful tool, having the right mindset and belief is essential. I am a very positive person, which I think played a huge part in my successes in the last year.

What do you consider to be the top 3 most important things that you have learned on your fitness journey and is there anything that you now know that you wish you knew years ago?

Hard work does pay off!! Consistency is essential and always ask for help if you need it!!

I know so much more now than I did years ago but my journey has made me, ME!! I could have regretted not doing this early in life but I was busy travelling and doing things I had set out to do after school.

What benefits can you take over to other areas of your life? Has fitness changed or developed you as a person?

I now run two very successful gyms in Sheffield. PrimeMover has changed my life and I love helping others achieve their goals. Fitness has taught me so much self-discipline, patience, hard work…the list is endless but most of all I feel the best I have ever felt in my life!

Finally, we all know that the training which you do to get into your best shape, along with the eating, can be very demanding, how do you stay motivated through the hardest times? Do you have any tips that you could share

I suppose looking back on the last year, never did I ever think I could get myself kind of shape in my life. So knowing that it was possible and is possible keeps me driving forwards. Running two gyms and having many members look up to me is probably what keeps me the most motivated but also I want to be an inspiration to everyone. Be consistent, listen to your trainer and PT and DO what they say!! And just remember your Journey may be for the Ultimate Body but make sure your Quest is for Ultimate Health!!


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