Jennifer Nicole Lee Case Study

If you haven’t heard of Jennifer Nicole Lee then wow, because she is EVERYWHERE! She has numerous websites, she is all over YouTube, she has an internet TV channel, she is on the shopping channel doing advertorials, been on sooo many magazine covers and written books and online courses and now a cook book….. Phew! She is one busy lady!!

Fitness Motivation Today Jennifer Nicole Lee JNL

JNL, as she likes to be known, rose to fame after dropping over 70lbs after having her 2 children. She comes from an immigrant Italian family and grew up in Southern USA, where she felt like an outcast at school and often turned to food for comfort. She says in interviews that she copied this from her Mother, who was also a comfort eater and that also with her Italian background there was always a lot of food around!

The turning point came when she asked her husband to take a photo of her and then stuck it on her wall where she could see it. This one photo was just what she needed to keep her and find her fitness motivation on her weight loss and fitness journey and it helped her to turn her life around. She didn’t just go from fat to thin, she became strong and sexy and turned herself into a “super fitness model” and a great role model for others seeking to lose weight and gain a new figure and have that body makeover.

In fact it’s inspiring others that are what keeps her going.

JNL’s mission statement is “It’s my goal and passion to help increase the quality of everyone’s lifestyle“.

I think that’s an amazing statement because it shows that she is not just doing this for herself, she really is trying to reach out and help as many people as she can.

This is why she developed and released the Ab Circle Pro. The idea behind this was to create a product that would make exercising fun and quick and easy. So that there really is no excuse anymore! She invented something that is quick and fun and effective so that even those who don’t like working out can get the benefits that regular exercise brings.

Fitness Motivation Today Jennifer Nicole Lee JNL

Of course she is also helping us out with our food choices too and has a cookbook about preparing delicious food that is also healthy. She knows what it is like to come from a family where everything is based around food so she knows how important food can be and shares how to eat well without being ‘on a diet’.

I think the best thing about JNL is that she is the brand. It’s not maybe what everyone would want for themselves as she is in the public eye a lot but its inspiring to see someone with so much energy and so much passion for what she does. She is being photographed almost every second day and always looks great. We know it’s not just for special occasions. She eats well every day and she trains well too. There is nowhere to hide but then there is no need to hide. She is a shining example of the message she teaches which is that the body is a “fat burning furnace” and also that “strong is the new skinny” , that our body needs body fitness and that everyone has the ability to change and become fabulous and sexy.


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