Its all about balance and consistency!

At the moment I am following the Belinda Benn Get Lean Programme for my nutrition. Its a 90 day meal plan through 3 phases, with the goal of reducing body fat while keeping up energy levels for working out. (I personally find that following a programme is a great way for me to stick to a healthy eating plan as I don’t have to think about what to eat!)

Fitness Motivation Today Balance and Consistency

One of the best things that this program has taught me is the power of consistency and balance. As part of the meal plan I am allowed one meal per week where I eat whatever I like, but….. I have to admit to having a few slip-ups at other times during these first 4 weeks – oopsie! At first I was a little upset about this but then I realised that I shouldn’t be. “Consisitency is key” Belinda told me and she is so right.

Its ok to slip up a few times as long as its not a regular occurence.  A healthy eating plan shouldn’t force you to give up everything you enjoy and it does not need to be followed 100% of the time. 80-90% of the time is enough for results. This allows you to eat healthily, achieve your goals and also have balance in your life allowing foods you enjoy and meal times with friends and family. Celebrations don’t have to be miserable affairs and you don’t have to turn down lunch dates. Creating a balance between eating for your fitness goals and eating for pleasure is the easiest way to keep it consistent over the long term. And this attitude is the same for other areas of your life too.

Take the ever sought after work-life balance as an example. This is so important today in our world of technology where work can take place anywhere and anytime. Its so important not to let work take place everywhere and all the time! You must find ways to regain balance in life if work has started to take over. Time for friends and family and other interests is so important for overall well being, and also really important as a means of keeping your interest and passion alive in your work. Consistency again is the way to achieve this. If you consistently plan time away from work to spend doing enjoyable activities with those you love then you will see that the balance allows you to get everything you want from your career, family, social circles and other interests.

Balance is also very important within the human body. A great example of this is the knee joint. This particular joint is often injured, which can cause a lot of pain and many days off exercise to allow for recovery. Often the reason for injury is that the knee joint is not properly supported due to the muscles of the leg being unbalanced. The solution to this again is consistency. With a regular program of exercises the leg muscles can be brought into alignment with each other and will keep the knee supported in whichever activity you choose to enjoy. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or even stop you from other training and workouts, its the consistency of training the leg muscles that is key to creating the balance the knee joint needs.

Fitness Motivation Today Balance and Consistency

Having a bad back could also be caused by an un-balanced body. Heavy handbags carried on one side can cause terrible back trouble and result in poor posture, discomfort and sometimes a great deal of pain making everyday tasks extremely difficult. In this case the consistency of carrying the bag on one shoulder is to blame as this one shoulder takes all the weight. This example clearly shows that consistency is still key even when it leads to the wrong outcome. Consistently doing the wrong thing will lead to the wrong results, while continually doing the righht thing will lead to the right results.

You will see examples of this all over the place. The guy at work who goes to the vending machine most days will not see succesful weigt loss from eating a healthy snack once or twice a week. On the other side of the coin you may know another person at work who always has a piece of cake on Friday but has achieved the bikini body they wanted. Its all about consistency and balance.

How many people complain that they do not see results from the gym but then admit that they have not been going consistently. It doens’t need to take up a lot of time or even 6 days of your week, the key is to be consistent in how many days you go and what kind of exercise you do as well as keeping balance to avoid burning out or getting bored.

This is where a trainer or good fitness programs can really assist in providing new exercises as well as motivation to stick to a regular schedule of workouts.

If you need some advice in your training or your eating to help you achieve balance and to encourage consistency then pop over to the resource page. Here I have listed some of the best fitnes programs avaliable on the internet right now (and what fitness or weight loss golas they will help you to achieve) as well as eating plans to achieve balanced healthy eating and weight-loss goals.


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  1. It can be tempting to think that there is a short cut! I’ve been there! Its much more satisfying to know that you are continuosly looking after yourself and always progressing towards an even better body.

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