Inspiration to Help You Achieve Your Own Body Makeover

Everywhere you look on the internet there are amazing stories of ordinary people who have achieved a total body makeover and gone from fat to thin, geek to muscle man and frumpy to sexy. Most of the transformations shows a person not only get fitter, leaner and healthier but also more confident and happier too.

A body makeover, it seems, can transform more than looks. It can change lives and open up new opportunities.

If you would like to achieve your own body makeover the most valuable thing you will need is motivation and inspiration to keep you going. There will be hard times and there will be times when it would be easier to give up but if you really want to change your life, and your body, for the better then you need to stay motivated.

Reading about others who have achieved what you want to achieve is something that will provide you with hope and encouragement and so I have compiled a selection of the best body makeovers to get you inspired to start your own and to keep you going on the body makeover journey :-)

#1 Jennifer Nicole Lee

Fitness Motivation Today Body Makeover Jennifer Nicole Lee

One of the most well known body makeovers was that of Jennifer Nicole Lee, who went from being frumpy and overweight to a beautiful fitness celebrity and model. JNL, as she is known, she have a JNL Bikini Model Program and she has been all over our TV screens recently advertising the Ab Circle Pro – her product which promises to trim down your waist line and give you visible abdominal muscles in “just minutes a day”.

I actually tried out the Ab Circle Pro last week at a friend’s house and was surprised at how exhausted I was at the end of my 5 minutes – it’s a really hard workout! I could really feel it in my oblique’s. My friend is really happy with her purchase and says she can see and feel results after the first month.


#2 Chris Krueger

Fitness Motivation Today Body Makeover Chris Krueger

Another great example of a body makeover is Chris Krueger, who was obese after comfort eating while recovery from a back injury when he started the online TSC (Transformation Super Challenge) Heart of a Champion 10 week programme. He documented his progress in a series of videos and is now spokesperson for the programme and retains his muscular physique and six-pack abs.

I remember a quote that I saw on one of his your tube videos which stood out to me at the time and which I still refer back to when I need some encouragement. I just love the sentiment behind it – that we are all capable of greatness and that it is not just for the elite few.

“That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well”

Abraham Lincoln


#3 Tosca Reno

Fitness Motivation Today Body Makeover Tosca Reno

The next transformation I would like to share with you is Tosca Reno, one of my personal role models. Tosca went from being fat at age 40 to a bikini model and best selling author of the clean eating diet books. Now she has a better body than women half her age! I really look up to Tosca for her determination and drive when she could so easily have just blamed others for her unhappy life. She took matters into her own hands and not only transformed the way she looked but also her career and her personal life too. I believe she is truly living the dream and it all started with a visit to the gym.


#4 Vince Delmonte

Fitness Motivation Today Body Makeover Vince Delmonte

And here is a very funny picture of Vince Delmonte who went from ‘Skinny Vinny’ to 1st place winner at the Canadian fitness model championships in 2005. He is now a contributer to Mens Fitness Magazine has featured as transformation of the week on and is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building where he shows other skinny guys how to get the muscled physique so many men dream of.



I truly believe in the positive power of finding role models to follow in the pursuit of your own fitness goals. I know that I have gained so much inspiration and fitness motivation from my own role models.

If you would like to achieve a body makeover, remember that without action you will not get anywhere, but if you are determined and put in the effort required then you can expect to see results. Take inspiration from others who have been there before you and know that you can achieve your very own body makeover.



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