We all know the benefits of increasing our fitness levels, we all know that exercise makes us live longer, feel happier and look better. Everyone is aware of the calorie burning benefits and how fitness is connected to successful and long lasting weight loss.

Fitness Motivation Today How to get fitness motivationI could go on and on about the good things and the many positive reasons for exercise but all that information means nothing if you have no fitness motivation.

So how do you get fitness motivation?

Well we are all different and we all have to find our own motivators. Here are some of the best – see if you can find one or two that you think might work for you and put them to use this week, tomorrow or even today!

  • If there is a class or a sport that interests you then don’t just wonder about it – try it! You never know it might just be the key to getting your fitness motivation, you could love it and want to keep it up as a regular thing. Team sport could be a great motivator as its also social and fun.
  • Why not sign up for a race or event as part of a group or team. This would give you a reason to stay motivated and other people to be accountable to – no one likes to let down the group. You could also add to the motivation to lose weight by raising money for a charity close to your heart.
  • You don’t have to be part of a team to get the benefits of working out with others – try asking around your friends to see if anyone would like a running or walking buddy. Paying for personal training sessions also adds the personal touch and the weight loss motivation to turn up when you said you would.
  • Use your fitness time as your own personal time and enjoy spending time alone. Exercising can give you a fantastic opportunity to get away from it all which offers a chance for stress relief, relaxation and contemplation or just quality me time.Fitness Motivation Today How to get fitness motivation
  • Set out some fitness goals that you would like to achieve and write them down. Then plan out how you will achieve the goals. This exercise can be extremely rewarding and then continue to be motivating as time goes on and goals become closer and more attainable.
  • Read fitness magazines, blogs, sites and quotes like those on the Fitness Motivation Today facebook page. I find quotes extremely inspirational and they don’t take long to read!
  • Think of what new clothes you would buy when you lose the weight or what workout gear you would buy when you feel more confident in the gym and let that be your motivation. Working towards a reward makes the journey seem so much more fun.
  • If you love chocolate or other naughty foods then just think of how regular exercise makes these treats possible (on occasion) where if you didn’t you wouldn’t be allowed any at all!
  • Another good motivator is to think back to last time when you did exercise and remember how good you felt. Exercise releases endorphines – surely thats motivating.
  • And if you prefer the stick to the carrot then how about thinking of all the health issues you could avoid by increasing your fitness levels. Knowing that you are doing the right thing for your body could be just the motivation you need.



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