How to AVOID Unhealthy Snacking

Do you also feel hate when you are at work and feeling great about the eating plan and some unplanned unhealthy snacking comes along and ruins it all!

Picture the scene – you haven’t packed any bad foods for lunch you have a good healthy dinner sorted for when you get home and you are going to go to the gym after work. Its going to be a perfect day…. And then a colleague comes in with donuts. And you eat one. Or maybe two… mmmmm, delicious…

Fitness Motivation Today How to avoid unhealthy snackingBut wait a minute!? Weren’t you supposed to be eating healthy?

Grrrrrr – how did that happen? But more importantly – how can you make sure that it doesn’t happen again!

The answer is simple – PLANNING. When all eventualities are planned for then there are no unexpected circumstances and every ‘problem’ has a solution.

The first step in the planning process is to think about all the problems that might occur throughout your day. Try to be really thorough and think of all the situations you have been in previously. Examples may be donuts at work, an invitation for cake with a friend, unhealthy food finding its way into your fridge at home, feeling hungry in the supermarket or being tempted in to a new chocolate shop that has just opened.

Be really honest with yourself about all the chances that you may have to eat an unhealthy (and unnecessary) snacks. No one else ever has to know about the list – this is just for you. Don’t feel bad about it, its just a tool to help you create a plan.

Once you have the list of potential problems then all you have to do is set about creating a solution for every problem on the list.

Here is a snippet from my own list –

Donuts at work (yes this is a personal one – I have been sucked into it myself!) Take something heathy to keep at work in my drawer, that I can eat at the same time – my favourite choice is dried apricots because they are sweet and delicious
My mum baked brownie Take the brownie for later. I now have the choice to eat the brownie after a solid session at the gym or to dispose of it later when no one will be offended (sorry mum!)
A friend wants to meet for pizza Suggest going to a pizza place where I know they do great salads


Everything can be solved, you may have to be quite creative sometimes but there will be a solution to every situation that might crop up.

Fitness Motivation Today How to avoid unhealthy snacking

And what about completely unexpected and new occurrences that have never happened before and weren’t planned for?

Well if you are quick enough to know what is going on then you should be able to adapt one of the other solutions and avoid a tricky situation. But… if you are not quick enough and find yourself accidentally snacking on something unhealthy the best advice I can give you is not to feel bad about it but to add it straight to the list so that it does not happen again! You are not going to be perfect so its ok to slip up every now and then. Consistency is key to healthy eating success and planning is key to consistency.

What are some problems and solutions that you have come up with in your own life? Why not share them with us here so that we can all have a more effective list of solutions :-)


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