Fun Fitness with The Mighty Deer Stalker

Today we have an interview with Keigh Taylor, an Engineer from Edinburgh, Scotland (who also happens to be my brother!) He isn’t an athlete or a fitness model, he is an ordinary guy with family commitments, a challenging job and a social life.

Fitness Motivation Today Mighty Deer

The start line, if you look closely you can see more than a few antlers on the participants!

Keigh finds fitness motivation doing activities he enjoys and recently he completed the Mighty Deer Stalker event.

Lets join Keigh for a few minutes to find out more about this fun fitness activity!

First of all can you give us a short description of the Mighty Deer Stalker.


“The Mighty Deer Stalker” is held every year in the Tweed valley in Scotland.  The race starts at Traquair House where all involved strike out in Deer Stalker costumes ranging from a bit of tweed to full blown deer outfits.  The route takes the competitors through mud pits, thick forest, freezing river waters, cargo nets, up steep hills and down sheer drops all just as the sun drops behind the surrounding mountains and sets the scene for a perfect 10k and a lot more in the dark.

Was this your first time?


This is the second time I have run this race.  It is so challenging but also provides a wonderful experience.  My favorite part is watching the head torch trail up the second hill.  It is like a pearl necklace draped over the Scottish landscape.


Fitness Motivation Today Mighty Deer Keigh Taylor

Keigh Taylor - Deer Stalker

What encouraged you to enter?

I heard about the race through a friend who I have run races with before.  He encouraged me to enter because he thought and felt it was a “really fun run”.

So is it fun, or is it very competitive?


There are those who take the race extremely competitively.  Striking out across the valley for both the 5k event and the 10k in succession.  They may complete the 10k (more like 15k) in 1hour 15mins. This is extremely quick considering the terrain and obstacles on route. Most of the 1000 or so competitors are there for the fun, with a great ambiance around the course, as every one encourages those people around them.

Did you need any particular clothing or equipment?


You really need somewhere to put valuables to keep them dry.  The first year I ran I had to hold my car keys above my head as I waded throughout the River Tweed, so this year I brought my wife to hold them and my wallet.  She used my wallet to great effect and had a delicious meal while I ran.

Ha ha, that’s awesome 😀  So what would be your top 3 tips for anyone wanting to participate in the event?

  1. Wear clothes that dry quickly.
  2. Have proper running shoes that you don’t mind getting very dirty.
  3. Don’t expect to run the race in a good time unless you are at the front of the pack and you are a very strong runner.

And finally, what did you enjoy most about the event?


I most enjoyed the scenery and the whole experience of taking on a run which stretched my ability but at the same time rewarded me.

Thanks Keigh!!


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