FMT 003: Exercise WILL Change Your Life

There is one thing I know for sure and that is that regular exercise is the key to getting all that you want from life. I truly believe in fitness, I know what it can do. Its amazing!

In this podcast I share with you my story and why I know that finding the motivation to exercise is the first step in living your BEST LIFE! I am living proof of the power of a fit and healthy lifestyle and in this podcast I talk about

  • Who am I and why I now LOVE fitness (I didn’t always)
  • What initially gave me motivation to exercise (blush!)
  • Why I believe in the power of fitness as a life changing force
  • What made my 4th gym membership different to the first 3 that I never used!
  • The easiest way to find your own fitness motivation
  • The REAL reason why you should exercise regularly

Podcast: Download (Length: 29:02 | Size: 53.1 MB)

I’ve put myself out there a bit for this one but I think its worth it. I really wanted to tell my story so that you would know why I believe what I do and why I am so passionate about sharing the joy of fitness with so many people.

Bridget Taylor Fitness Motivation Today

My hope is that everyone can find their own motivation to exercise for their own benefit and that of their family and friends. Developing your own lifetime fitness truly is the best gift for those around you and the most wonderful thing you an do for yourself. You owe it yourself really.

Have a great day  :-)


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