Fit Girl Faye, transformed herself and now inspires others

I first met Faye online, meeting in the JNL World Con private facebook group. At the time I was immediately taken with her friendliness and her outgoing personality. She is just so dam nice! (check out how nice she is on her website)

Now that I know her better and know more about her inspiring story, I am really really excited that she has agreed to share it with you all!  She is a super super person and I know that there will be others, who like Faye, just decided enough is enough and created a new lifestyle. I will let her explain…

Take it away Faye…



First of all, lets start with the most important question of all – how has fitness changed your life?

In so many ways, mentally and physically. It has given me something to believe in, dedicate myself to, it’s my therapy, me time… it makes me feel awesome, confident, strong, unbeatable. I love to sweat!

But it has also given me a new career and passion, and a desire to help others improve their lives.

It has even given me new experiences. I travelled to Miami (to the JNL World Con) in January of this year, and have made new friends and got to meet Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL), herself. Plus, I love my guns!!

Were you fit and healthy as a child?

I was active and yes, healthy, sporty, with a natural interest in health and fitness. But this dwindled as I got older.

How and why did you discover fitness?

I started a business in 1999 and started to neglect my health. I realised 4 years ago that I had put on nearly 2 stone, was lethargic, jiggled when I walked and just felt yuck!! I knew I had to do something about it.

Faye before she discovered how good being fit feels! Back in the jiggly days.....

How has being fit and strong affected your life so far?

I can cycle round Paris with ease…..

I can wear great clothes, out push up and out skip ultra fit young tennis players :-)

It’s knowing in my head that I am strong, fit, fast, powerful but to look at me I am small and people underestimate me, which I love. I have passed along my passion to family and friends and now my Mum comes to the gym and does JNL Fusion every day.

In terms of fitting fitness and healthy living into your everyday life, around all the other activities, what priority does fitness take?

Fitness is a huge priority but I know it can’t always take top priority. I’m on my bike every morning at 6.30am to the gym, so I can get my workout in before the rest of the world wakes up! I also make sure I cycle or walk everywhere. Prepare all my food for the week every Sunday. I also regularly visit the Nike store to purchase new workout clothes!!!

Thinking back, was there a turning point in your life where you knew that you could never go back to being the person you were before?

It’s been gradual but the JNL World Con in Miami was a huge turning point.

What favourite activities or exercises do you have that you would like to share with the readers?

JNL Fusion, cycling.

What would be your no.1 tip for staying motivated with your fitness?

Find what you love, keep doing it. Do not give up. Eat well. I got a good tip from a friend “Stay Excited” 😉


You KNOW it's true - stay excited and everything is sooo much easier :-)

Please pop over and visit Faye in her own world at :-)


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  1. She is such a inspiring and strong woman!thank you Faye for inspiring me to start working out:)

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