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So today I would like to share some exciting news about Fitness Motivation Today. Yay!

As you know, with the exception of guest posts, all of the content is written by myself, Bridget Tayor. Now…. its not that I don’t want to write any more – I do. In fact I have been thinking a lot about what sort of content I want to produce for you guys to really help everyone to be as motivated as possible to lead their very best life. And it is because I want to provide motivation to help as many of you as possible that I have decided to bring in a little help.


Meet Mac, the new Fitness Motivation Today male voice.

Mac has a passion for fitness motivation, including years of research on the motivational techniques of the greatest bodybuilders of the past and present. His love for the classic bodybuilder’s physique drives his own personal fitness quest, with goals of symmetry, size and balance.

Now why this particular voice? Why bodybuilding and why a man?

Well, I have taken a lot of inspiration and motivation from the bodybuilding community over the years. There are so many amazing people who have achieved incredible things. For me its not so much about how they look (which may not be to everyone’s taste!) rather it is about how they think, how they plan, prepare, push forward all the time and never, ever give up.

Bodybuilding does not lend itself to half measures or being almost good enough. Its about continual improvement and striving for excellence. I have heard it said that after you have gone through the process of training and dieting for a show you know inside yourself that there is now nothing that you cannot do. I find this so powerful and there are so many lessons to be learned from that.

 “My involvement had a lot to do with the discipline, the individualism, and the utter integrity of bodybuilding. In two or three years I had changed my body entirely. That told me something. If I had been able to change my body that much. I could also, through the same discipline and determination, change anything else I wanted, I could change my whole outlook on life.”

– Arnold Swarzenegger

True champions in life never give up, even when other people do not agree with what they are doing, or even tell them that they are wrong. True champions take full responsibility for their lives, they have goals and they fight to achieve them no matter what it takes. They do not give up and they do not say that it isn’t possible. If they fall short of what they were striving for they don’t say “oh well I didn’t want it anyway” they pick themselves up and they keep going because they know that they DO want it and that they WILL get there.

Bodybuilding demands the mindset of a champion, due to the self control and mental ability required. Motivation plays a HUGE part, in fact without clear motivation it would not be possible. You don’t just accidentaly create that sort of physique, you don’t just fall into the training or casually find yourself eating perfect nutrient controlled meals. It is a choice and a lifestyle. Its 24/7 dedication.

It IS Fitness Motivation.

And so I have decided to bring some of this into the site, so that we may all learn and grow, no matter what fitness or sport is your passion. This is not about saying that one sport is more motivational than another, this is simply a chance for Fitness Motivation Today to develop and I hope that you will enjoy the additional inspiration and information.

I am always here for you and always striving for the best, be it in my life, my fitness or the quality of information shared with this site. I always love to hear from you so keep commenting and emailing :-)

And look out for the new uber-motivational posts, content and even an improved site layout from this week onwards – things are getting serious.

Its time for you to get serious too – go SMASH your fitness goals and have a fantastic week!



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