Don’t Think Big – Think Small

In his book ‘Think Bigger’ Michael Hill (jeweller) says that most of us will overestimate what can be achieved on one year but then underestimate what we can accomplish in 30 years. His suggestion is that we all think longer term, bigger plans. This way we will achieve more in life.

Fitness Motivation Today Don't Think Big Think Small

Another fan of thinking bigger is Philip Mills, owner of Les Mills, one of the most famous and successful fitness brands in the world today. In his book Fighting Globesity, he shares with us some advice he once received about setting goals for sport – that they should be ‘Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals’ meaning that if we aim for much more than we think can be done then, even if we don’t get there, we will still have achieved so much more than if we go with the flow and take it as it comes.

In fact there is a lot of proof out there that thinking bigger does work and this is shown in the successful people who endorse the theory. Donald Trump is the most famous spokesperson that I can think of and he is certainly an example of how thinking big can be applied for success!

I dunno tho, even with all the proof that we should all be thinking big, the examples of what is reachable by ‘normal’ people like us and the desire to think big and live a life that fulfils all my dreams. Well…. I just don’t always want to have big dreams and be shooting for the stars. Sometimes I just want to live in the moment. Enjoy now and get on with what needs to be done. I mean there is a to-do list as long as my arm that just doesn’t get any shorter and if I am thinking big all the time then its just not gonna get done.

It’s all very well to have big plans but it may not work for everyone and for a lot of us these grand plans don’t blend well with ordinary life. Thinking bigger doesn’t really work if they are just dreams that will never come true. That’s just dreaming.

What I like to do is to ‘think small’. And by that I don’t mean that I have given up on living the dream, far from it. I am living the dream already!

My technique is to centre my goals within the present so that I see the results almost immediately and this is what encourages me to move onwards and achieve more. I ‘think small’ by focussing on the everyday things like my family, health and living environment.

Fitness Motivation Today Don't Think Big Think Small

For example one goal is just to take good care of myself. I don’t like to feel stressed or worn down and I like to know that I am nourishing my body with good food. I sleep when I need to, I put plans on hold if I am under the weather and I try not to worry about how all this affects my future. Its just me living in the now and enjoying my life.

This isn’t a big goal with long term plans. This isn’t going to make me hugely rich and successful. But ultimately this will get me the life that I want. In fact it already is.

I am happy, I eat well, I sleep as much as I need to and I am happy.

Another example of ‘thinking small’ is that I choose to spend time with those closest to me as often as I can. I clear my mind of worries about my career and other larger goals and I focus my energy on who I am with, enjoying their company and really just enjoying my life in that moment.

Concentrating on the small things mean that I am much better prepared for the bigger things. By ‘thinking small’ I have opened myself up to bigger plans and goals being available to me.

I have energy for whatever comes my way, I have an inner peace and happiness that allows me to make sound decisions and I have the love and support of those closest to me.

My bigger fitness goals may take second place to seemingly smaller concerns but ultimately I am moving forward towards those bigger dreams faster and enjoying the journey at the same time!

I would love to hear what you focus your time and energy on. What type of goals do you like to make and how do you keep on track? Do you measure achievements or do you measure your happiness in a different way?

I would love to know what you are thinking :-)


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