Did You Hate Sport at School? You don’t have to hate Fitness Now! (Interview)

Hello again and whoop, whoop – its time for another success story!

This time I am sharing with you a fantastic ‘in progress’ case study. I am so excited to publish this because it is so important to acknowledge the results and successes that we all achieve along the way, even when we are not at our perfect fitness level or we haven’t yet achieved the goal.

So its brilliant that I have had a fantastic, dedicated and enthusiastic woman contact me asking to share her ongoing fitness and weight loss journey. From a childhood of always being overweight but always diewting, she is now choosing fitness to control her weight as an adult. Since deciding to adopt a fitter, healthier lifestyle, she has already lost a stone (6kg) since Christmas! She is powering along, getting fitter, healthier and stronger each week :-)

Judit you ROCK!!

And with that being said…… Please can you share with us YOUR fitness story?

I always hated doing sports at school, I thought it was boring practising all these different sports, but not the one I liked – swimming. I started swimming when I was 9 but had to drop it when I started high school as I had lots to study and not much time to deal with it, after that I have joined the gym many times with no success at all.

Were you fit and healthy as a child?

When I was 4 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, this changed my whole childhood as I

 was always tired and under strict diets, at the age of 6 needed a treatment that lasted 6 years. I have followed all type of diets and I have never succeeded losing weight, I will lose some weight over a year, really slowly and then put it back. So, yes I was healthy as I was never allowed to eat fast food or sweets, but I was overweight too.

As a healthy but overweight child

How and why did you discover fitness?

I got to a point recently were I was not happy at all with the way I looked, I tried to avoid the mirror but I knew there was only one way to get to where I wanted, so I discovered JNL Fusion after Faye Robertson the girl behind Fit Girl Factory got certified in Miami, I had a consultation with her and she inspired me to start working out towards my goals, to get fit and healthy.

Judit before starting her new fitness lifestyle.

I have no other reason to get fitter than for myself, but I must admit that I would like to go to my sister in law’s wedding next year looking stunning and feeling happier and healthier than ever.

How has being fit and strong affected your life so far?

I have only been training for just over 2 months but I feel much healthier already, I have so much more energy and my clothes are starting to get baggy, people have started to compliment me and ask what I am doing! I have started to build some muscle and even after my first 3 weeks I had lost around 5 centimetres from my waist and hips.

Looking fresh and feeling healthier after only 2 months!

In terms of fitting fitness and healthy living into your everyday life, around all the other activities, what priority does fitness take?

As I said I have only started, but so far so good, I have stuck it into my daily routine and I do not go to work before training for half an hour, I have started to be more active and I eat very healthy now, also I try to leave the car at home as much as I can and walk instead. If I know that I am not going to be able to exercise in the morning I will make sure I do after work.

What favourite activities or exercises do you have that you would like to share with the readers?

As well as following the JNL Fusion method,  I also bought the Davina McCall Intense Fitness DVD, it is based on the same workouts where you exercise with a combination of 30 seconds of cardio, 30 seconds of weights. I used to hate doing press ups but now I love it because it is not only doing 30 minutes of press ups, I do other exercises in between that make it fun!

What would be your no.1 tip for staying motivated with your fitness?

The best tip would be probably that if you want to start exercising it is not only a wish but a decision that you have to take, get someone involved that will help you stay motivated – your partner, friend, kids, that way you won’t feel alone and there will be someone always to push you if you start making excuses. There are no excuses to miss my workouts now!

if you want to start exercising it is not only a wish, but a decision that you have to take

THANK YOU Judit, so much for this interview – I know people will find motivation in your story and I also know that we can’t wait to hear more about your progress! Keep it up!

And the take-away message from this interview is that it is never too late – even if you have always been overweight, or you have never found a sport that you enjoy – keep looking, keep asking for advice and help. Judit found Faye and a fitness style that works for her. You can too :-)



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