Taking Control of fitness and food, to gain healthy weight

This week I want to share this story of a brave young woman, who discovered the power of fitness as a teenager, to help her to recover from an eating disorder. What is so special about this situation … [Read more...]

The Positive Power of Fitness

I have so much respect for this next success story. She is truly inspiring :-) When a friend introduced me to her blog littlestruns I didn't know I was going to start reading such a motivating … [Read more...]

Did You Hate Sport at School? You don’t have to hate Fitness Now! (Interview)

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How fitness saved this brave athlete from an eating disorder

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Fit Girl Faye, transformed herself and now inspires others

I first met Faye online, meeting in the JNL World Con private facebook group. At the time I was immediately taken with her friendliness and her outgoing personality. She is just so dam nice! (check … [Read more...]

Meet Mac…

Hi, I’m Matai ‘Mac’ McGrath. Firstly I’d like to say is that I’m very happy and excited to become a part of FMT. It really is a great website with so many resources for you to use to increase … [Read more...]

Kelly Rennie, Model & Athelete, Shares her Fitness Motivation

I am soooo excited about today's interview! I personally think Kelly Rennie is just awesome and so its great for me to be able to share with you guys one of the people who I look up to when it comes … [Read more...]

Real Life Fitness Success of a Calmer Kind…

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Real Life Fitness Trampolining at Competition Level

Today I have a brilliant interview about a really fun sport that anyone can get involved in - Trampolining! I 'bounced' myself for a few months many years ago and I can tell you it really is … [Read more...]

Real Life Dedication to Bodybuilding

For me one of the most inspiring things is to read about what other people are achieving. I just love to find out about weight loss success stories or ordinary people who are doing great things with … [Read more...]