Taking Control of fitness and food, to gain healthy weight

This week I want to share this story of a brave young woman, who discovered the power of fitness as a teenager, to help her to recover from an eating disorder. What is so special about this situation … [Read more...]

The Positive Power of Fitness

I have so much respect for this next success story. She is truly inspiring :-) When a friend introduced me to her blog littlestruns I didn't know I was going to start reading such a motivating … [Read more...]

Did You Hate Sport at School? You don’t have to hate Fitness Now! (Interview)

Hello again and whoop, whoop - its time for another success story! This time I am sharing with you a fantastic 'in progress' case study. I am so excited to publish this because it is so important … [Read more...]

How fitness saved this brave athlete from an eating disorder

Today I wanted to share with you a story of success which has already helped out a lot of people. This is a blog post written by fitness athlete Jessica Bennett, on her own blog back in February, in … [Read more...]

Fit Girl Faye, transformed herself and now inspires others

I first met Faye online, meeting in the JNL World Con private facebook group. At the time I was immediately taken with her friendliness and her outgoing personality. She is just so dam nice! (check … [Read more...]

79 Day Body Transformation Awesomeness!

So my last post was about how 6 weeks of contest prep has changed me, for the better, and since then I have been pretty quiet. But now I am back to talk about myself again and tell the world how … [Read more...]

How 6 weeks of contest prep has changed me

So if you have read my last post you will know that I am currently training and eatin g to compete in my very first bikini contest in April. Training, nutrition, motivation, determination and focus … [Read more...]

Meet Mac…

Hi, I’m Matai ‘Mac’ McGrath. Firstly I’d like to say is that I’m very happy and excited to become a part of FMT. It really is a great website with so many resources for you to use to increase … [Read more...]

Kelly Rennie, Model & Athelete, Shares her Fitness Motivation

I am soooo excited about today's interview! I personally think Kelly Rennie is just awesome and so its great for me to be able to share with you guys one of the people who I look up to when it comes … [Read more...]

Jennifer Nicole Lee Case Study

If you haven’t heard of Jennifer Nicole Lee then wow, because she is EVERYWHERE! She has numerous websites, she is all over YouTube, she has an internet TV channel, she is on the shopping channel … [Read more...]