Are You Scared of Commitment?

Today I want to talk to you about marriage….  Ha ha, not really. No what I really want to talk about is something that really hit home for me today and which is already changing the way I think about motivation and my own fitness goals.

As you know I have recently reviewed the book The Power of Positive Fitness by John Rowley. The book has had quite an effect on me to tell the truth and I could not wait to try out (John’s website to help us all to replace disempowering habits with empowering habits)

I have been using it for one week now and its really great. Basically you write a habit that you would like to get rid of (for example mine is “I will not eat sweets – and that includes chocolate!”) and you also write down why this is important to you (in my case because I know this is just a habit and if I kick it then I can be a better role model and feel really confident). The site will then email you daily asking you to state ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether you have stuck to your goal.

I love the quote from today's email!

Keep this up for 30 days and you will have got out of your bad habit, or into a good one.

There are also groups to join so that everyone can encourage one another, which I think is a really good idea. I have joined a group myself and one of the emails which I got from a fellow group member is what got me really thinking about something which I wrote about here, a few months back.

 My Realisation

The post I am referring to was ‘Giving up’ where I discussed the fact that although it may seem like failure at first, if you look at set-backs as just that then you can get up from them, dust yourself down and carry on. At the time I felt that this was a positive message to promote (I still do to some extent) but after an email today I am able to look at it in another light and see that my words could actually have been much less motivating than I had intended.

The idea that we can always recover from anything and that there is no such thing as failure could actually be taken to mean that there is no point in trying to keep it up for the long haul! For example if you are on a no sugar diet, like me, and you go very well for 7 days but slip up on day 8, then you are able to start again on day 9 knowing that there is no real need to worry about what happened because the first 7 days were a success. This would be ok but then this may repeat again with another slip up later down the line, again being solved by starting over.

Because there are no consequences when you know that its ok to fail, this could then get into a pattern of not really ever doing quite what you wanted to do. Never really going all the way and not quite reaching your goals, but all the time telling yourself that its ok because you didn’t actually fail, you just had a bit of a mishap a few times.

Always slipping up with your diet or exercise programme can really get you down...

Thats not going to motivate you over the long term. Thats not a recipe for self confidence and pride in your achievements. In fact it will do quite the opposite because you will know that you never really achieved anything, you only ever almost did.


Almost kicked the sugar habit, almost lost that last 2% body fat, almost started working out 5 days a week, almost prepared a healthy lunch every day.

Almost isn’t really good enough, you don’t deserve to almost get what you want, to almost be the person you want to be, to almost have the body of your dreams or almost reach that weight training goal. You deserve to smash your goals, to get better than you thought you ever would and to make yourself really proud of all that you have done. Those feelings don’t come when you feel safe and play safe, these feelings come when you push yourself and know that “there is great power in total commitment”

Those were the words that my team mate said to me in that email today – those powerful words.

“there is great power in total commitment”

To commit yourself to something, really and truly, that is when you achieve more and when you achieve big.

It might sound scary at first but when you commit to something for 30 days then you are really giving yourself a good chance to really make a difference in your life. Things will change over those 30days and by the end of the time, it WILL be different.

That to me just makes perfect sense. I will admit to being one of those almost people. There are plenty of times when I have tried to quit sugar but I kinda had an accident and ate some every few days. I am very good at bieng kind to myself and getting away with it time after time. And thats ok for a while but I want more from life. And now I know how to get it – commitment, total commitment.

Most of what we do in life is governed by our habits and we have the power to change them BUT in order to do that we have to have total commitment.

There is no point replacing a daily sugar habit with a weekly one.

Go For Gold!

Be strong, don’t cut yourself any slack – go for the big one this time. If you can stick with something for 30 days, with no failures and no cheating, that is when you will change your habits and change your life.

I will let you know how I get on and I would love to hear how you are getting on too. I am cheering for you all :-)


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