Why Fitness Motivation?

Are your friends always wanting you to miss the gym, your family keep baking cakes, you would rather stay in bed or you just haven’t seen any results yet?

Don’t worry you are not alone and you are totally normal! Fitness Motivation is not always easy and its not something you can buy (unfortunately!) but it IS something that you can create and nurture and use to get to where you want to be.

When you achieve your fitness or weight loss goals life just gets better. Its true! Even small achievements give you confidence and a feeling of happiness within yourself. Success is addictive and the more successful you are, the more successful you will become. Its the opposite of a vicious circle – its an awesome circle!

YOU have shown the world and yourself that you are amazing. You had a dream, found out how to make it a reality, followed through and made yourself proud.

And after that you are ready for anything!


My name is Bridget Taylor and after discovering how GOOD my life could be as a fit person, I want to make sure everyone has all the tools they require to get and keep their own fitness motivation.

My own story is pretty typical. After and active but not very sporty childhood I had no interest in fitness at all. My main focus as a student was enjoying the freedom and independence (which basically involved partying!) and after that, in the world of work, I just lived for the weekend.

During that time I was unaware of any other way of living. I had no idea of the feeling of true happiness that you get when you feel comfortable with your body which is healthy, strong and able to do anything.

If anyone had told me that I would now be on a mission to make the world a fitter place – I would not have believed them, even for a second!

But I know now how important that mission is because I DID discover fitness and my life DID change. I can honeslty say I am happier now than I ever thought possible because I’m not living weekend to weekend, wearing myself out and constantly recovering. (to listen to a podcast of what motivated me to change my lifestyle click here)

If you are on the journey to awesomeness, already there but struggling to stay at the top, or looking for the fitness motivation to help you begin, this site is here to help YOU.

So welcome, and I wish you all the best  :-)

Life is great when you are fit and when you have achieved your goals – in fact life is BETTER!

Fitness awesomeness all the way! :-)

Please leave a comment or join us on the facebook page, I love to know how you are getting on and hear about your exciting goals and achievements!


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  1. Michelle Doyle says:

    I look forward to being motivated!

  2. Hey Bridget

    I Just wanted to say hi and I really like your site. I believe that to get in shape and really enjoy it you need to have the right mindset and attitude. I like how you incorporate fitness with motivation because without drive and motivation its really hard to get in shape. Any time Im feeling a lack of motivation or just down, I’ll pop on some Tony Robbins and that usually does the trick lol….. I wish you success and hope you achieve all your goals. Also i just followed you on twitter!


  3. Hi there, do you do PT session?

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