79 Day Body Transformation Awesomeness!

So my last post was about how 6 weeks of contest prep has changed me, for the better, and since then I have been pretty quiet.

But now I am back to talk about myself again and tell the world how the last 5-6 weeks has given me even more confidence, taken my physique to new levels and introduced me to a world of opportunity and excellence I never imagined could be so good.

Well sort of…

I mean it has done those things but it also brought to life for me the amazing and powerful nature of goal setting and how much I really want to share that with everyone and help as many people as possible see how easy it is to change your lifestyle and achieve your dreams.

Of course just setting the goals is not enough, thats not where champions are made and thats not what will get you abs or let you lead the life you always knew you deserved. Its following through on those goals to the very end, through the dark times and all the opportunities to give up, ignoring the mind’s sneaky wee attempts to derail everything and get back to normality when things were easier.

THAT’S where champions are made!

There is something so special and amazing knowing that you are the master of your destiny and that you can change your life if you want to. Its empowering knowing that the only thing standing in your way is yourself.

So step aside and let the real you run through!

I wish everyone could know how it feels. Its ace, its awesome, its fab, its brilliant, its sensational, its out of this world, its fantastic, its amazing and its inside of all of us if we just know what we want.

I have to also say that I realise now what people really go through when they make great transformations, weight loss or sporting success in their lives. I actually wrote about that a few weeks back (read about that here) I am happy to say that I am now much better educated and experienced to give you more from this site!

In hindsight I can now see that was my main problem – I didn’t know what I wanted. But after years and years of scrambling around I think I found a passion. I LOVE the fitness lifestyle. I love exercise. I love motivation and learning about how to become more motivated and why people are driven to do what they do. I want to find out more about that and share whatever I learn so that I might be able to help other people who are just like I was. People who need to know that life can be everything you thought it should be. So everyone can know that its not all about fitting in or doing the right thing. Its not even about standing out and doing amazing things.

Its about being you and doing what you love to do to the very best of your abilities.

Thats your true calling – to be the very best version of you. Not worrying about whether its what you ought to be doing. I mean who decides that anyway?

So before I get into the REALLY dark times of contest prep and start eating fatty meat with no liquid for 24 hours, I would just like to say that I am happy, on a level that I never knew before. I have just rocked my own world with my achievement and I am really proud of myself. I have given 100% over the last 11 weeks and although I have my ups and downs I am really pleased with the changes in my physique! I am ecstatic that I have given up my daily sugar hit!!!  I am prouder than ever that I never missed a gym session and I CAN NOW DO 12 UNASSISTED PULL-UPS!! oooooh yeh!!

So no matter what happens on the day, no matter if I am noticed by the judges or make an impact on anyone else at all, I have made an impact on myself and for me thats the greatest thing EVER.

Well almost…

What would be even greater would be if I could inspire some of you to do the same. If I could inspire you to find a dream goal, something great, big, scary and exciting. And just to go for it!

That would be even greater and thats my new goal for the next 1/4 of 2012. Yip thats right we are only 3 months in – 9 more to play with!

So, what are you waiting for??  Lets smash out some goals! Who is with me?

I am on the mission. Questions, comments, messages, rants anything always welcome  :-)


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