10 Reasons Why You Should Exercise TODAY

When is the best time to introduce regular exercise into your life? When is the right time to take the first step? If you have been thinking about starting a fitness programs then today is the best day to start!

Why wait until tomorrow? Today is a great day to add a little fitness into your life.
Fitness Motivation Today Exercise TODAY
Here are ten reasons why you should move your body TODAY.

  1. By starting today you will be closer to your goal when you go to bed tonight. Want a flat tummy for your holiday? Starting now will take you closer.
  2. Exercise makes you feel good and surely everyone wants to feel good today!
  3. The truth is that there wont be extra time tomorrow or next week. Each day is the same length so start today and make time for fitness. Just one hour of fitness is not much when you compare it to 8 hours at work.
  4. Small actions now, like an hour of exercise 3-4 times a week, have great implications for your future health. If you dedicate a relatively small amount of time to exercise the benefits to your health and fitness goals are huge. Most people easily spend 3 to 4 hours a week in watching TV or some are surfing the net.Fitness Motivation Today Exercise TODAY
  5. By starting today you will have taken the biggest step proving to yourself that you can do it, enjoy it and fit it into you life. The first step is always the hardest so if you start today the hardest part is done and it only gets easier. If you think of every workout as a step towards your final goal its easy because you want to be closer to your goal.
  6. If you start today instead of waiting till tomorrow you wont feel any regrets. You wont get to the end of the day and wish that you had done something about it but instead, you will get to the end of the day having achieved something that you really want to do. You will see that you have taken a massive step towards your goal.
  7. By acting now and starting today you will wake up tomorrow fitter, healthier and closer to your goals instead of waking up tomorrow just the same old you as you are today.
  8. As we know exercise slows down aging and lengthens your life so by starting today you will be lengthening your life and you wont be as old tomorrow as you would be if you didn’t exercise today.
  9. Start today to prove not only to yourself but to everyone else that you can. Be the first one to set the example to your work mates or partner or children or parents. Start today instead of just saying your going to start, just start, rip into it and be a do-er not a talker.
  10. WHY NOT?



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